Pass all the levies

None of us are working so I won't be impacted anyway. I want the finest schools we can buy. Tarta needs more money to provide with a first class transportation system.
All of you all stop being so greedy and selfish. We should become a haven for undocumented citizens. They just want the best for their famiiles like you. Look at all the money Marcy has poured in to NW Ohio you can't say that about any other congress person.
Stand proud an open your wallets.

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You my friend have lost it.

Sadly it's commitment time. . .

Hooda Thunkit

What's the point of opening a wallet that's empty?

I've noticed a thing about workers in Toledo, now. There are two types.

The first type is subject to the real economy, hence already knows there's a Second Great Depression going on. People in this group know the Second Great Depression that just began is close to their lives and they talk about it often.

The second type has an institutional job and desperately hopes that the first type of worker stops talking about how bad things are, since it impacts voting and therefore compensation.

Solidarity in this environment is impossible until the second group stops being so greedy.

And ... yes, in the New Order that was shaped continually past the 1980s, profit sharing and pensions and health insurance and paid sick days and accruals of these things, ARE aspects of worker greed. The private sector is getting rid of all those things, and so must the institutions.


Instead of bringing that second type down to the level of the first type, which sounds horrible, why not work to bring the first type up to the level of the second type. Why would you want more people to have it rough? So we can feel your pain? That might feel good but it won't make a strong local economy. Those examples of fringe benefits, however, are not aspects of greed. They are earned compensation.
Unions used to guarantee these kind of benefits. Its what made the middle class.
But too many people, including way too many poor people, think that unions are bad - communist, socialist, whatever. The fact is corporations will continue to exact profit any way they can. And they should not be faulted, it is in their DNA. As Gordon Gekko said "greed, for lack of a better word, is good."
But the balance is tipped when people fail to recognize that collective power is the only logical response to this greed. Companies still made money when unions were strong. Now, unions are weak, companies still make money - with a lot of overseas labor or poorly paid Americans. And what is the result? I guess rereading your post answers that.
Whether you are in the first group or the second, we really are all in this together.
Just a thought.
Respectfully . . .

You have no ability whatsoever to force private enterprise to commonly grant the compensation that union and government jobs have.

There's no way to "work" to make that happen, unless you bring in more of the same Liberal madness of using laws to stop economic entities from acting in their natural liberty.

You're just using the typical union propaganda to keep getting paid far more than you're worth, while the majority become poorer and poorer.

A "strong local economy" doesn't exist, and can't exist while a union and government elite put all duties aside in their pursuit of better compensation.

So ... we are NOT all in this together. The unionists and public-sector elites are milking us dry. It has to stop. Pensions have to stop. The very idea of getting a pension for the rest of your life merely for working for 20 years, has to stop. Hugely subsidized health insurance, has to stop. People sitting at desks and doing next to nothing, has to stop.

If you're truly concerned that this greed thing is out of control, then STOP BUYING THEIR SHIT. But it's the government greed that we can't stop legally buying into. That's our concern. And that's why there's no solidarity, and why there can't be any solidarity.

In fact, once the two-tier wage system was put into place, unions obviously stopped believing in the concept of solidarity. So it's damned strange to hear you advocate solidarity when unions don't care about that anymore anyway.

Submitted by Progress22 on Sat, 2010-07-31 03:14.
'Instead of bringing that second type down to the level of the first type, which sounds horrible, why not work to bring the first type up to the level of the second type. Why would you want more people to have it rough? So we can feel your pain?'

Sorry to piss on your parade Mr. Progress, but you are dreaming. And your buddy Andy Stern is right now conspiring to make your dream a real nightmare, you poor tool. Hahaha.

andy stern quit seiu to work on global unions. stern ran seiu into the groud and now he wants to do it on a grander stage. Old andy wants to even out wages and benefits worldwide, aka, worldwide socialism. Yes, he wants a global union, and it is not about you, or the the members, you tool, it is about power for andy stern and his buddy 0bama.

you don't really think a world union will bring all works UP to US compensation levels do you? Hahaha, no you will have to drop to their level to equalize compensation. You haven't begun to feel the pain yet, tool. 0bama's global plan, if left unchecked will soon, provide that nightmare.

The real victims of global union will be the American worker, not as much the union management like the tool, Mr. Progress.

You all know that you will see the same levys on the ballot for the next 6 years until you drop your guard and pass them.
It's been proven with the COSI levy.
They will be rammed down your throat eventually, why not vote 'YES' the first time and move on?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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