When will it end?

Toledo Public Schools voters to decide on 7.8-mill levy in November. Declining population, declining enrollment, brand new schools paid for by the tobacco industry. Why do they need more money? They should be down sizing and cutting pay/benefits like the private sector does in bad times. I suppose if they could print money like the Federal Government that would solve the problem.

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From Newman: Why do they need more money?

Because when it comes to money, more is always better. Always. No exceptions.

The school system has been failing for a long time, and the only way it will ever get fixed is if the voters fail to fund the system. If that finally happens, the system will eventually expire and the taxpayers can hold a funeral and a wake. Many of the old guard will be eliminated and a new system will be constructed.

If voters have the good sense God gave a paper shredder they'll vote this levy down in a true landslide.

Mad Jack
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