Dateline Temperance Michigan


There is now a bridge in Temperance Michigan. It is over Sterns road. What was once a 18 inch pipe to channel water under Sterns road as a culvert is now a bridge built over a dug out basin of a 100 yds. Its amazing to see what the Federal government can do when it puts it mind to it. It kept some construction workers busy over a month to replace a perfectly good sewage pipe with this Bridge and basin. A little bigger and a Dam could be added to generate power. I wonder if the Bridge will be named, eh!, lets see how about Bridge over Troubled Waters. The township should put some lights on the Bridge and maybe have a walk and parade across it on Labor day.

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Where is the new bridge located? Between what two crossroads?

I'd be interetsed to drive by and take a look at my tax dollars at work...


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