WOLFMAN/ remarks concerning WSPD responsible for deaths
52% (33 votes)
HELEN THOMAS/ anti-Jewish remarks
48% (31 votes)
Total votes: 64
No votes yet

Man...that's damn near a toss up....

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

I'm not saying they are one and the same person, but it certainly is a possibility since the wolf has never identified himself as others do.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Fred, how about some Fredaism on Wolfies comments. Are you just going to sit back and take the assult on WSPD. This is the perfect time to rip him a new a...hole. On the other hand if your a lover and not a fighter will handel it for ya..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I vote Wolfman. He made his statement as fact.
Helen stated her opinion, which she is entitled to. I happen to disagree with her, but don't feel she should resign.

Wolfman gets extra points on this one for hailing Blizzard Bill Spencer as a hero.

The wolfman has been on a killing spree himself sine the '30's himself me thinks. Google it.
They've made movies about it, B movies I grant you, but documented none the less. He's a serial killer! We should form a posse and go after "it" with pitchforks and torches.


I can tell these are WSPD listeners. You only hear what you want to hear. Now go back a read what I really said. http://swampbubbles.com/20100608/larry-kaczala-dead-53

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

You may have the wrong Wolfman. I hope you've got your facts straight--

There is another who garners much applause. People clap for that Wolfman, and dig him until the day they die, simply because he rates their records high.

Of course, your opinion all depends on your boogaloo situation.

My apologies, I was up until 3:30 decompressing after attending a meeting, and I do believe I am a bit punchy.

you get your free beer ticket too??? lol

Yeah I would second that, sounds like your a bit punchy tied in with delirious.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

What beer ticket?

Don't Tread, et. al: I'm dating myself and music interests...it's all from a Guess Who song.

You went through that stress and no beer ticket????

You got ripped off.

Fred reported this morning from a reliable source that certain people who voted for a certain someone were asking for their free beer tickets for staying the duration of the meeting.

Do you have a cat to...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I'm not following...and I don't like cats.

I choose neither one nor the other. Instead, I select Kurt Franck, executive editor of The Blade along with Dave Murray (managing editor) and Luann Sharp, assistant managing editor. My selections are based on the cheap shots The Blade took at Larry Kaczala in a recent article about his death.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I think it toss up too, but I voted for doggy boy as the local favorite. HAHAHA

Whoa, Nelly! I'm highjacking this thread.

I learned yesterday, hours before attending the Central Committee meeting, that I somehow was not invited to some shindig at the end of May. I felt a little left out--as a newly elected committee member, I would have liked a chance to meet the party leadership and get a feel for who they are first hand. I was not courted by the Stainbrook nor Simpson camps...I decided to vie for the seat I held back in 2003-2004 because I felt that I needed to take action to make change, rather than just speak and write about it.

I should say that I did some canvassing in 2008, and my daughter worked at the call center on a few occaisions during that time. I had no beef with the way things were run...my daughter, who wants to go into politics, shared an admiration for Ms. Gallaher's work at headquarters.

I arrived at the meeting an hour early for a "reorganization meeting," which I thought would give me the opportunity to meet and greet the opposing slate which might allow me to get a feel for who they are first hand. Can't seem to find this meeting in the building, and no one can direct me to it.

So, I make small talk with anyone I can reel in (which is pretty much my game here on Swampbubbles, too). I met lots of great people who shared their convictions, their observations about all things local and national, and I learned that most of them had been invited a get-together across the street preceeded the official 7 pm meeting where they were awarded a special lanyard holding a personalized laminated card which listed the Stainbrook slate. (and no, I did not talk to Joe the Plumber. No interest there. he was giving autographs which was, um, distracting).

Imagine my disappointment.....In one day I learn that I was not invited to two Republican party get togethers, AND was not granted a personalized door-prize lanyard as a souvenier. I talked to one really nice kid who told me that I didn't miss much--"They weren't buying any drinks for us or anything...:" Another woman seated near me, told me she received a phone call from Megan Gallaher informing her that she won her seat and had been certified. A man in my ward told me he received a call, too. I never got a call, and reasoned that maybe that was because I was unopposed. They told me that they were not challenged either, but both had been initially asked to run for the seat via phone call.

While the votes for chair were being tallied, I shared this info with an old friend who was in the observation area. He reasoned that someone must have made some assumptions about me, for whatever reason. Who decided that I was a Stainbrook enemy? How many others went into that meeting wanting to know more (more than what they get in the blogs and local press) about all the candidates for the party leadership before they cast a ballot? How many others were pegged as not worthy of the time of that leadership?

After the 6 hour meeting ended,a stand-up chap I befriended from my ward said, 'Hey, arent't you going across the street"? He--who happens to be a Stainbrook supporter-- tells me he was invited to an after party at the bar across from the Erie Street Market.

And now, I learn that at least one beer (which I could have sorely used after enduring the evening's events) was on the house for a select group?

I told the committee members in my ward that no matter what happened last night, there had to be a fresh start....I'm working from here on in with an open mind. There is a lot to be done in this county and squabbling just misdirects the energy that I am certain will be necessary for a lot of reasons.

Feeling excluded--for whatever reason--doesn't seem to be a great way to start off running, but I'm a big girl. I'm going to do the job I was elected to do, and I'll buy my own beer, thank you. I prefer bottled over draft anyway.

No souvenir, no beverage? Forget everything else - that seems like a terrible night!

Gee, maybe it's time to take a hard look at the Tea Party.

Just kidding. The two things that immediately occur to me are that either the organizer bitched it, or you haven't been hanging out with the right people. Both are equally likely.

I haven't been impressed with the Stupid Party in years. Taft should never have been allowed to run for anything, let alone hold the Governor's office. Further up the ladder we have King George II who screwed the economy and world politics so badly the country will very likely not recover during my lifetime. Not that the Moonbats are any better. Now, consider all the people in the Stupid Party who are either incompetent (don't bother naming them - hey, bandwidth is a consideration, right?) or are bright but have completely lost touch with the middle class, so much so that they cannot make an intelligent decision anymore. Could the person charged with compiling the 'A' list belong to one of these two groups?

Tell you what. Because I like you and I think you're good people, the next time that the blogosphere irregulars get together I'll invite you along. How about that? Feel better now?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Am I to understand that the blogosphere irregulars have gotten together in the past, and I haven't been invited?

Boy, I understand how India felt when it was snubbed by Joe Biden. And I'm starting to feel an allegiance with the Sahadis--maybe they crashed the party because they were always snubbed!

You really dont want to go anyways...they meet at ceasars show bar....

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”