Who had the best weather warning last Saturday

7% (4 votes)
25% (14 votes)
64% (36 votes)
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 56
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Does it really matter? After the warning they all become attention whores "Look at us we have non stop coverage of an event!" or "Its the storm of the last two weeks we will pre emp everything else to show you repetitive coverage!"

Wow - you didn't watch at all did you? I have no doubt in my mind that all that coverage saved lives.

I agree with the Gspot...the coverage made a difference..

I followed the coverage until it was clear that the second wave would pass to the north...

Prayers and condolences to all those who lost loved ones...

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Weather WARNING?
How about my ears to hear the sirens in conjection with my trusty RADIO weather channel transmitting from 162.500 mghz in conjection with NOWAA WXL-51 from Holland but originating from NWS in Cleveland, Ohio. I would suggest everyone buy one...I have a small AM/FM radio that has this 'weather button' included on the radio.

Invaluable. Besides, our tax dollars are already paying for it!

BTW..T Storms tonight 100% chance.

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Don't get me wrong
Warnings are one thing, its the ad nauseum coverage of the storm and the "OH MY GOD RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" chinese fire drill they create. They can accomplish the same effect with the crawler at the bottom of the screen rather than the storm center pis*ing contest with the woppler doppler vs. mega storm radar. And no I did not watch any of the coverage I was at the drive-in, but I have lived here long enough to have witnessed all the "Blizzard Bill-ism" of the ALL the stations.

when I see a crawler at the bottom of the tv, I really don't pay much attention and it doesn't have the impact for me that the screen does. However, when the drinking establishment I was in flipped over to channel 13 and I say the map and bright red areas, my friends and I were motivated to get home. I don't think we would have with a crawler.