Front Lines: Knee Deep and Helpless

Do not thank me. Do not say ‘nice work’. All I was able to accomplish today was to sift aimlessly through a despicable slurry of mud and twisted shards of timber, ladies’ drawers and tomato soup cans in a futile effort to find the wind-scattered bits of someone else’s life.

My few hours versus their lifetime. Fail.

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Without clicking your link, I would like to say thanks tons for your nice work. Good job.

I get it. Y'all think I'm pimping BravoBox a little too hard, eh?

That wasn't the point of this entry (neither was it to solicit compliments for my admittedly feeble efforts out there).

Withdrawn. Too bad I can't find 'delete', but I was hoping to humanize the relief work and the families affected, as well as provided a little common sense advice along the way.

My site is where I will do that from here on.

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