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You must be to enter a post such as you did. How can I be bored when I'm gauging the pulse of the viewers of this site.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

if thats what you wanna call it...

DTOM may have doubled up on his meds today, which might explain the flurry of post-level mania.


I think his Mom put the pill bottle up on a higher shelf today

All of the above

Are you attempting to surpress my freedom of speech. (polls)...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Are you trying to suppress our freedom of speech by accusing us of such?

You have limited freedom on this blog to the specification of the blog owner. Government is the only one that can suppress your "freedom" of speech.

By criticizing you, I am simply exercising my freedom.

How dare you comment with reason, are you a Constitutional Tea Party member.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

1. G-man was not responding to your avalanche of post-level musings. Read again: he was pointing out that he agrees with both choices.

2. That being said, members of the community are free to comment on posts and the behavior of contributors. Members who flood the site with many posts per day cause other threads to get bumped off the main page. Perhaps instead of creating a bunch of post-level items you could limit yourself to one a day or so, and use the rest of that energy to comment on other posts. Filling the site with a bunch of front-page posts is like eating all of the pizza and drinking all the beer at a party: you may be within your "rights," but you are still acting like a pig, and partygoers will probably react accordingly.

3. Agreed with Thomas: your "rights" to freedom of speech have definite limits on someone else's website. If you want near-complete freedom of speech without criticism, create your own blog and shut off comments. Of course, that is boring as hell to most people, so if you want to be a valued member of a community, then act like one.

Are you so constipated or oblivious to the understanding of my last post, take a good mind enema and see the acknowledgment of my relevant siding with Thomas’s response. I understood perfectly what Thomas was saying, maybe you were offended by the Constitutional tea party statement, if so, I apologize for offending a possible left wing socialist progressive. I’m just saying…. Oh! buy the way History Mike, did you realize that Woodrow Wilson was the father of progressivism?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

1. Do what you want, brother: just don't whine when people call you out on your behavior.

2. Love the idiocy of the "left wing socialist progressive" attempt to bait me. Here's something for you to consider: just because someone takes issue with your hogging of the site does not mean that person is an ideological enemy. For the record, I have a deep streak of fiscal conservatism in me, and "libertarian" would probably be closer to my political views than "left wing socialist progressive," but flame on.

I'd like to point out he forgot Marxist, corrupter of young minds and unionist thug…Who loves Big Business and Michael Moore.

Try not to match them up, the labels never make sense.

You were baited per your,("I have a deep streak of fiscal conservatism in me, and "libertarian" would probably be closer to my political views"). I too fall in that category of beliefs, with the moral and constitutional understanding of the founding fathers, which were much more in touch with the agenda and path of the United States then those who are trying to change it. Anyway, I do believe you are a little consumed with my polling, is it the content that concerns you, or the number of polling posts? The majority of the polls were posted when there was none, so how is that hogging the site.Do these polls stop you from entering your posts and comments, no they don't. (DONT TREAD ON ME)

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I don't like the paper and have contempt for the publisher. Block may believe he runs the City, but the paper becomes less influential every day.

I still smile when I think of their first significant loss - the fight to stop the modification of the JFo smoking ban. Every day they ran articles about the hazards of puffing and the costs of second hand smoke. They routinely printed slanted news stories about how the JFo ban was not hurting businesses while everyone with a lick of sense could tell that the stories were lies.

We won the vote and changed the law to exempt taverns and bowling centers. The Blade lost.

More recently, the Blade fought with the United Way to stop them from tearing down their building. The Blade lost.

It seems that the Blade has won it's battle to save the Seneca County Courthouse. Nothing has been funded to date and it doesn't look like the money to renovate will be available anytime soon. I hope the Seneca County Courthouse collapses before it gets restored. I've offered a generous donation to the Seneca County General Fund if I can be the first one to hit the eyesore with a wrecking ball.

Big Jim

The Blade and the unions. The Blade sets policy and agenda from the editorials and news stories. The unions are represented all over city and county government. Neither does a good job.


we're in for another 2 gagging years of Marcy Kaptur Congresswoman shenanigans.

If you believed anything else you are delusional. Ironically not unlike the rest of the Toledo electorate.