Swampbubbles redemtion


Where do you go to redeem your bubbles that you earned? Is there a catalog or something?

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Why, the Swampbubbles Redemption Center is right down the street from you, Temperance Tom:

Go to 135 South Byrne Road and bring proof of your accumulated points.

Nothing but a bunch of cheap Chinese crap. You need like 100K points to get anything good.

Here is a pic I took last time I was there.

I know what you mean, SensorG. Chris really went total cheap-o with the redemption prizes - 1500 bubbles only bought me the crap pictured below:

it was on sale when you were there. It is now 3200 points for the wonderful "polymer memory chain."

We are bringing in all this revenue for Chris by participating on this site, while he sits in his mansion just down the street from me. Can't we at least get those cool shaped rubber bands?

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