The Blade-One of Americas' Cute Little Newspapers?

Can anyone tell me when the Blade shrunk to the size of a Radio Shack/Pizza Hut commercial insert? I don't subscribe to it-I saw one at the gas station. Is it some sort of gag? Is the price the same? It looks ridiculous to me.

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Maybe my eyes are going bad-it sure looks smaller to me!

About three weeks ago the Blade shrank to about 75 percent of its former size. They ran a short piece describing their reasons (paper costs, love of the environment, etc.) but I cannot find the link at the moment.

Thanks, historymike! I thought it was smaller, but hadn't heard about it. I wish now I had read their excuses. I'm guessing it is really smaller because of the continuing loss of what I call "content". Like letting air out of an old tire. Do they still need that big, energy wasting building downtown? They should downsize the publication another 75%, and print it in someones' garage.

I believe they reduced it in size sometime late last year. Has it shrunk again? I don't read it so I wouldn't know. They will probably raise the price again. Kind of like the shrinking bag of potato chips. $3.99 for a 12oz. bag of Lay's. Must be Michelle Obama's contribution towards affecting a healthy diet!

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It's been a smaller size paper longer than three weeks, more like almost a year. It's a cockeyed tabloid size, just open it and turn it horizontally. It's the Thursday weekend section in reverse. They didn't shrink it to save the environment, they did it to save money for themselves. I'm a weekend subscriber, so I would know.


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