Drill, Baby, Drill

No matter whether we drill, or not, life will end on earth. Maybe the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was just an accident waiting to happen. If the oil continues to be forced from the broken pipe it might be decades before the pollutant is dissipated enough for the public to consider shrimp safe to eat again. Fortunately, as can be seen on “Jackass”, there is a minority of consumers who might eat this fouled shrimp by the pound on a dare. They will not make the market, but they can fill a niche as a “specialty” market.

How long this fouling will last in the ocean will be the source of hundreds of dissertations in the future. It will make the future of dozens of researchers. In the meantime, we probably need the oil more than the protein that comes from that area of the ocean. So, drill, baby, drill.

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...than the occasional "accident". The way we are wailing over this (another environmental "disaster") certainly brings it to the attention of our enemies. We seem to forget that we sank many Japanese oil tankers during WW II and had little concern for the repercussions to the environment. Other than a spike in our cancer rates in the future, this "disaster" will probably be shifted to the back of our minds in a couple of years.

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There's a difference, OSB; one is not the other and never will be.

I've always kind of wondered why Islamic terrorists haven't hit the oil rigs. Possibly because they haven't thought of it, I suppose.

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It was 2-3 times as large as what we are presently dealing with. The Persian Gulf is shallow and narrow, and yet the environment seems to have dealt with the oil spill. War will usually do more environmental damage than industry can ever do even intentionally. Yet we accept the need for this. We must also learn to accept the cost of damages that result from our pursuit of fuel. A few thousand more cases of cancer a year is acceptable for the fuel we may get in future from the Gulf of Mexico. We are a consumer society and the reduction of life expectancy is acceptable for new plastic products.

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Those "eco-terrorists" have proven that they will gladly pollute the earth by setting fire to Hummers just to make their lame-ass point. Blowing up an off shore oil rig, killing the workers and causing this environmental disaster sounds like something E.L.F. would do.

"William "Billy" Jensen Cottrell (born 1980) is a former Ph.D. candidate at the California Institute of Technology who was convicted in April 2005 of conspiracy to arson of 8 sport utility vehicles and a Hummer dealership in the name of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). "

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Has anything indicated their involvement? Has E.L.F. ever taken a human life in their attacks?

The ELF's guidelines require that individuals or groups acting on its behalf "take all necessary precautions against harming any animal — human and nonhuman

In blowme's world everything is the fault of elves, yard gnomes and liberals.

.All the evidence points to something other than what you suppose, but then the "Truthers" do not believe the pictures of passenger planes bringing down the twin towers. I guess if there are hundreds of people that are willing to believe that the government of the United States would kill thousands of its own citizens then it is easy to believe that "environmentalists" would destroy an environment.

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