Latta Announces American Speaking Out Project


BOWLING GREEN- Due to the storms in Wood and Fulton Counties on Saturday night and Sunday morning, Congressman Bob Latta’s (R-Bowling Green) America Speaking Out town hall event scheduled for Monday evening in Fremont at Terra Community College has been canceled.

A new date and time has not been scheduled at this time.


WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) issued the following statement upon the introduction of America Speaking Out, an effort by House Republicans to engage the American people in the process of building a new policy agenda for America. Through America Speaking Out, the American people will be given a voice in setting the priorities for a national agenda. At town hall meetings, online at, and through new communications tools, all Americans will have an opportunity to be a part of this effort.

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Why is the American taxpayer funding this Republican BS?

It does look like they are getting some good responses though...

He said all Americans, can we put these labels Republicans and Democrates aside and do whats right for this city and this country. Do you really believe America is headed in the right direction?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Latta, has no interest in putting labels aside and whats right for this country. His hyper-partisan voting record reflexs that.

Again - why is the American taxpayer picking up the tab on this Republican propaganda site? Are Republicans so out of ideas they need to solicit responses like this –

America needs a crack team of genetically engineered velociraptors who constantly patrol the skies in robot spyplanes. Terrorism threat? BAM! Robot controlled spyplane drops raptors from the sky. THESE COLORS NEVER RUN.

Do Republicans really need to use my tax dollars to build this site to get this kind of crap? In the end they’re just going to do what Limbaugh and Beck tell them to do anyway.

Republicans and Democrates they are two peas in a pod. Bush started it ,Obama continues it. You should be worried about the billions of dollars of so called stimulus money that your tax dollars will be going to. You better wake up quickly, because if you can't see that this country is headed toward socialism, your in trouble. We the people need to demand change for the right reasons. Stop buying into political beliefs, open your own eyes and see.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

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