Profiling in Arizona

I am going to be driving through Arizona on my way to the left coast. I am white and a citizen of the United States will I be profiled?. Also, what papers do I need to take if I am stopped by the authorities?

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A drivers license should do. Pretty unreasonable huh?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

PLUS you have to be doing something wrong to be pulled over - pretty much like driving in Temperance...

You might want to stay away from LA, you could get profiled or harassed there by all the illegals that hate gringo. will probably have more of a problem than if you are a blonde with lily white skin. If the former just add an hour or two to your driving time. I'm sure the cops prefer this duty to others. Hey, maybe that cop from Ottawa Hills could get transferred there. He'd fit right in.

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have you read the law?

I can't wait till Nevada, Colorado and Texas pass similar laws. It is time to ram legislation down 0bama's throat just like he did to the American people on health care.

Everyone knows that the best way to prove your US citizenship is to get out of your car and get in the cop's face about you're American and damn proud of it. Then poke him in the chest to drive home the point that you belong in this country.

If you really want to convince him, try proving your respect for the 2nd Amendment by bearing arms, specifically the officer's service revolver. Just grab it, he won't mind. I almost guarantee that the officer will be so impressed by your bold and erratic moves that he won't even give you a ticket.

Have a good trip!

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

to the interview with the president from Mexico? In the same interview, he said the Arizona law violated human rights....and then when asked what Mexico would do with illegals coming into Mexico...he said, the would ask for papers and then deport. So, its o.k. for them to do it but not us.

Our enemies are using our liberty and "tolerance" to take over this country. Then, once they have control...I guarantee they will not excercise that same liberty towards others. I predict in fifty years this country will no longer be soverign and will live under islamic sharia law...libs think we're intolerant now...wait until the muslims take control

That is in Michigan, correct?
I think that explains it. Enough said.
Oseb; shame on you neighbor.


...with such a bill. New Mexico only has half its southern border adjacent to Mexico while Arizona has all its souther border adjacent to Mexico. According to Wikipedia New Mexico's white Hispanic population (44.4%) outnumbered white persons not of Hispanic origin (42.3%). So the politics might play out differently in this adjoining state.

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New Mexico's white Hispanic population (44.4%)

what is a white hispanic?

"being descendants of Spanish colonists and recent immigrants from Latin America." Rather like olive skinned Italians are considered "white". Immigrants from Cuba (some of whom are black) could also be considered "white Hispanics". I guess the author is trying to make the distinction that this is not about race, but rather culture. Though I could be wrong.

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I am OUTRAGED! How dare they profile me!

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

While driving through, maybe you could get a job. Apparently there are now a ton of openings.

Most of us are LEGAL residents of these United States of America, as our forefathers were respectful and didn't thumb their noses at this land of laws and they did all they could to become Americans who all spoke English. The Mexican invasion is just that: Mexican. They should be profiled, as they fit the profile. How logical, regardless of the PC dogs who howl like hypocrites while ignoring their hateful La Raza signs and treacherous talk.

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