TPS Sub-Contractor Policy

TPS is supported by Federal Tax dollars, State Tax dollars and local resident property taxes, monies extorted from all the citizenry. When TPS subcontracts work it posts the project on “citybots” (not certain of the name), a TPS website, for any and all to bid on the projects. Well, not really for everyone because only those belonging to a union can bid. A school system totally supported by all taxpayers and local property owners does not permit its' non-union residents, that would be at least 80% of the population, the opportunity to bid on these projects.

Maybe TPS should try subsisting on the income and property taxes of only those who belong to unions. To me this is an absolute outrage – restricting bidders for work on public properties exclusively to union members and just in case TPS needs reminding those buildings are public property.

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Maybe you should have stopped voting more and more money for these dorks in all these past decades while their academic accomplishments drifted lower and lower. Now they are completely out of control and they don't care what you think. So suffer.

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