Encounter with City of Toledo Tax Investigator Mr. Flesh.

Yesterday I came home to find a letter from the City's department of taxation requesting either a call from me regarding my 2007 W2s, or copies of all W2's from 2004-2009.

I called without hesitating and asked Mr. Alex Flesh Jr. why. (An appropriate last name for a tax investigator)

He informed me the reason for the letter was in 2007 I worked at a plant that I did not pay city taxes for. he knew the place of employment, so he could have googled it and found I used to work in Holland, Ohio.

I informed him of the location, and he wanted to know if I paid Holland taxes.

I laughed and asked why the City cares about Holland's tax intake.

He said they were "concerned" about something, at which point I interrupted him and mocked this concern. Concern my eye.

He still wants my W2s and I continued to give him a hard time, laughing at him and mocking him and the city. During this conversation, I pulled up my turbo-tax generated tax returns and saw that I paid plenty of Holland income tax.

I suggested I could email him my tax returns to which he replied the City computers couldn't handle it for some reason. I laughed and mocked this point to. They can't handle a pdf?

Of course, I was rude and interrupting and wouldn't let him finish much before my mocking him, so he might have had legit reasons, but whatever.

He then started trying to end the conversation and said I was wasting his time.


You're the idiot who wants my information. You started this, I'm gonna give it right back.

Perhaps it's not the most professional approach, but I am not going to be intimidated by these people. He was very irritated during the entire conversation, and I am glad for that. They intimidate and harass people every day. I'm glad I could give it right back via laughter and mockery.

In the midst of his "concern" spiel, I literally told him I loved him too. he didn't like that.

I could have the case closed today by sending him my W2 since I'm all good to go with my taxes. However, I don't feel like it. Isn't this harassment?

he knows where I worked. He knows it is in Holland. Get off my back.

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Typical Beckerhead response...

Sorry, but I cannot have any respect for someone who would be so rude.


It sure sounds fishy to me. I wonder if all of this was legit. Anyway, I owed the city some money and sent in my check a month ago. My bank statement told me it wasn't cashed. I guess the city of Toledo is so loaded with money that it doesn't need my payment.


I dealt with Mr. Flesh several times, and had absolutely no problems. I would be curious to get his side of the story, as this one seems fairly one sided. When I had to deal with him, all I needed to do for my clients was send in a copy of either a Toledo return or other cities returns if my clients were Toledo residents. In each case, this solved any issue. I don't understand the whole needing to be as rude as it sounds in this post.

of all this rudeness - the author of this post.

He can't seem to get along with himself, let alone authority figures.
I think that this is the clown in Law School at UT.

Think he will make it in the professional world with his "professional approach" to communication ?


I love it !!!

I was later informed by an accountant that Mr Flesh is really not the brightest in the city's tax department.

A John Donovan and Seth Byers are the ones who know what they are doing, he couldn't say the same for Flesh.

I also learned that if one doesn't pay Holland income taxes, the City of Toledo can come after me as a resident for the cash. Mr Flesh couldn't explain this.

The conversation would have been quick and easy had this simple point been made. Even when asked why, he couldn't explain immediately - just gave the concerned line.

Welcome to SB though, Mr Fly, I'm sure you are going to be a great contributor to this blog. LOL.


Oh, and if you run into my other stalker that thinks I'm a cult leader, tell him I said hi.

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What a difference a Democrat makes...

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