Opera's Silly Answers to Real Problems

Now this is just silly - it is also why BravoBox publishes under-cover.
We probably shouldn't have this opinion, and sure as hell shouldn't be saying it, but... The Toledo Blade (yes... I know) published an article on Sunday's front page about the financial struggles at the Toledo Opera. The numbers (and the "solutions") are simply astounding:

  • The Toledo Opera spends 200k per production. 3 full-scale operas, and a gala. Each Opera runs 3 performances, spread over 2 weekends.
  • The Opera was experiencing a 150k shortfall until the Block family stepped up (gee... I wonder why this is front-page news?)
  • The Opera says, "Every time we put on a performance, we lose money." I'm sorry, WHAT? Even if this is true (and it must be) why the frick would you say that out loud?
  • The solution? Fewer performances. Right. Not fewer productions, not less expensive productions, just fewer chances to recuperate each 200k outlay.

Full Article: http://bravobox.net/2010/05/11/silly-opera-silly-answers/

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How refreshing and intellectually stimulating to read an extremely well written article in terms of information, spelling and grammar; but with just the right amount of quirkiness to make it several cuts above most anything else I've read lately....at least from a local source. I've been to a couple of the local productions years again. You made a subject like the Toledo Opera very enjoyable and informative.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

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