Planet aid clothing boxes - who gets the money ?

Planet aid clothing boxes - who gets the money ?

The yellow planet aid clothing boxes are all over Toledo . They are all over the country . Maybe it's better to give clothing to local stores . Alot of money is flowing to a few people it seems .

I never did dig into who Planet Aid was, but definitely wondered. I appreciate the link...

I used to be able to see auto drop-off spaces like this around the city for Goodwill. What happened to those? It is so blinking simple to gather clothes and other things from people, they can do it on their own time as opposed to having to do it during someone else's operating hours.


This is a fantastic find. There are so many local organizations that help people right here, and yet here we are taking the street-corner easy way out.

Feels good, and it's just like mailing a package - Poof! buh-bye.

Please read this gang. Nice work, Cogitate.