Tax day rally in Perrysburg 4/15/10

Tax day  rally in Perrysburg   4/15/10

An estimated 300 people crowded in front of the Perry monument on River rd in Perrysburg. Several speakers spoke during the one hour event , including Scott Allegrini of the Children of Liberty group . Scott said the movement has made progress in one year . His meetup site has grown from about 50 people a year ago to 550 people today , he said. People are more aware that our country is going in the wrong direction, the Obama health care plan was almost stopped . I was helping pass out fliers in the back, so I didn t pay close attention to some of the speakers . The photo is from COL website .

did not lower.


My AGI rose by a mere 900.00 from 08 to 09. My taxes rose by 500.00. Almost identical deductions. I do not think this qualifies as a decrease in taxes. I guess this what to expect as a single person. I am TEA'd off! Let me keep my money and leave me the hell alone! I am tired of paying for those whose are able to take care of themselves.

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Question, when do the "Bush" tax cuts expire? You know, the ones 0bama wants to get rid of.

Honestly, how anyone can deny this guys socialist leanings is beyond me. He wants higher taxes for people who make the most money, and lower taxes for people who make less. How could that be any more unfair? They should refer to him as president Robin Hood.

We need a simple, fair tax code where everyone pays the same percentage.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni


we don't. We need lower taxes, fewer laws and smaller government. I don't care how much or how little the incredibly wealthy pay in taxes, so long as I, personally, pay a whole lot less without losing my job or taking a cut in income. Over the last 50 years neither the moonbats nor the stupid party have provided anything close to that scenario.

I'll even go so far as to say I would like McCaskey to enjoy a lower tax rate, but I haven't had my afternoon bourbon yet. So, I'll argue for a lower tax rate for McCaskey but I hope he doesn't enjoy it.

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"Where's the Birth Certificate?" dogs Obama

Obama dogs America by his proud and stubborn refusal to be transparent with his long form birth certificate, so legitimate Americans will continue to dog Obama with the legitimate question:

"Where's the Birth Certificate?" dogs Obama

Having just paid my federal taxes I can say I saw no tax cut.

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Maybe yours are lower because someone else's are higher?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Taxes weren't raised on anyone last year and 98% of us got a tax cut. Why all the bitching now?

My tax bill is $1100. higher than last year, and my only income is my retirement check. It's nice to know retirees are among Bushs' Rich Friends.

The total amount you owe in federal taxes is $1100 more than last year and you made the same amount or do you owe $1100 more than your owed last year to settle up your total tax. If you made the same amount and you're paying $1100 more with the same deduction as well, then you either screwed up this year or last.

Last year's federal budget deficit was 1400 billion dollars. They are on track to duplicate that this year. Where do you think the money will need to come from in order to cover that sudden need for about 3 trillion dollars, Sens? From the magic money fairy?

Think of it this way: 2.8x10^12 dollars / 140x10^6 households equals what?

The answer is 20 thousand dollars your household has to now cough up at some point. And the longer that you wait to cough that up, the more it will be, since it's borrowed money, which only grows more expensive over time.

Did you have plans for that $20K of your money? TOO BAD. The federal government just grabbed it away from you in a mere 2yr period while you were wrinkling your nose at the tea-party folk. It might even still be in your pocket, but sure as shyyt, it's destined to be taken from you by the government. And you don't even have real government services to show for it ... that's the wickedest thing about it all. The government just stole $20000 from you and you have nothing to show for it.

The tea-party people are dead right about what's happening to us. I've run the numbers of governmental growth, and our federal government grew 12 times faster than can otherwise be accounted for in the 70yr period of my analysis ... faster than inflation and population growth can account for. It's bloated and destroys the common wealth. So when will you finally put a stop to it? Maybe you should recognize the problem FIRST, so that you are motivated to put a stop to it.

My point is, what is going on now really isn't a whole lot different then went on the previous eight years, or the previous 40 for that matter...why are their panties in a bunch now? I can't take these people seriously because was soon as they get back back into power and sooner or later they will, NOTHING will change. The corporations will still be running everything. And to the quote Dick Cheney "deficits don't matter".

Millions people will have lower taxes...they dont have know..a three letter word...

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...and some jobs are "shit' jobs. We don't need jobs, we need to own shops, or be professionals. Then we can have other people get their "jobs" from us.

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I keep getting told by conservatives that government doesn't create jobs, but lower taxes do.

Again, what are the people at this rally bitching about? They complain about taxes being too high when they are clearly lower under this president than the last.

My taxes are lower now than they were under Bush, why no rallies back then?