Once Again, Fishing in Great Lakes Nearing End-This Time Blame Asian Carp


Once again, fishing in the Great Lakes is facing extinction-this time due to Asian Carp. How long has this been going on, life as we know it around Lake Erie is coming to another end? When I was a kid, the stories were that regular carp(introduced 100+years ago)where causing the destruction of the sport fishing industry, as well as the commercial fishing industry. Then, in the 1950s, it was the invasive lamprey eel that would destroy all fish in the Lakes. Well, that never happened, either. Then, we had the baitfish called an alewife, and of course, the Asian goby that would destroy all the fish by eating their eggs and young-know what, it never happened. Then about 10-15 years ago, the invasion of the zebra mussel spelled not only the total destruction of all life in the Great Lakes, the plankton, etc., but all the water pipes would be hopelessly plugged, the water intakes in boats would be ruined, and on and on and on. Anyone even heard of zebra mussels in the last five years? Now it's the Asian Carp-the be all and the end all in "destructive fish" class. Their even worse than sharks, as they can leave the water and kill boaters! As far as I can count-invasive fish species have destroyed the fishing industry more times than Godzilla destroyed Tokyo, yet fishermen say fishing has never been better. IMO, all this crap is proof the global warming crowd, is keeping a toe in Lake Erie, too.

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O, all this crap is proof the global warming crowd, is keeping a toe in Lake Erie, too.

What does one have to do with the other? A lot of fishermen I know are concerned about the carp and it has nothing to do with party affiliation or politics. I'm amazed at how many narrow minded people's view of science is based on their politics.

Right wing nut job Brian Wilson of the Afternoon Drone on WPMS talks regularly about he Asian Carp and it's negative affects. He's hardly in the "global warming crowd". As a matter of fact the Asian Carp is all Obama's fault to him along with his erectile dysfunction and rash on his balls.

I just remembered-whatever happened to the "walking catfish" introduced in Florida around 1970? The were the subject of articles in Time Magazine, and 60 Minutes programs. They supposedly attacked peoples DOGS and CATS. It's been years since I heard the term "walking catfish". Add to that the killer bees that were going to destroy life on earth as we know it. people get on these sensationalistic kicks every so often, just like with global warming, or the idea that gorging on bran muffins would prevent colo-rectal cancer. Why people who generally display some common sense jump "onboard" things like this is beyond me.

Just because some media organizations have a financial interest in sensationalizing things doesn't mean they aren't serious. Invasive species are causing plenty of documented negative effects in our environment and economy. Why don't you hear about them anymore? Instead of watching the same sensational media you complain about why don't you type some words into Google and do a bit of reading:


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