Arcicle from activist website: Something Odd for the Arctic: "Normal" Sea Ice Extent as Winter Ends

I LOVE this. It is "odd" to some Global Warming wackos that the Artic Ice is "normal". DIRECT from, an environmentalist website

The extent of Arctic Sea Ice was within the average
range throughout March 2010, the first time in many months that
the extent of Arctic sea ice was anything but well below normal.
In this image of the Arctic, the orange line represents the
1979-2000 median sea ice extent, and the white color represents
the actual extent of sea ice on March 29, 2010.

By Dan Shapley

Only two months ago, it looked as if the Arctic sea ice extent
was trending so far below normal that it might set a new record.
The extent of Arctic sea ice, a barometer on global warming and
one of the most easily visualized effects of climate change, was
1 million square miles short of average throughout February.

But, lo and behold, so much new ice froze in March that the
overall extent for this winter will end up nearly normal, as
compared to the long-term average. That's a headline no one could
have written for years, as the extent of Arctic sea ice has
dropped, rhythmically with the seasons, but dropped precipitously
and consistently for years. The record-setting extent of melting
in the past three summers was to a degree not expected for
decades, under mainstream scientific predictions of just a few
years ago.

As the ice melts, polar bear, Pacific walrus, ribbon seals and
other species struggle for survival, and the potential for human
use grows -- for oil and gas drilling, and for shipping through
once ice-locked channels. The extreme melting in the Arctic has
been seen as a harbinger for things to come elsewhere at other
latitudes: Does it mean that the worst-case predictions for other
aspects of global warming are inevitable? Wildfires, droughts,
crop failure, sea-level rise, massive rates of species
extinctions ... will each appear more quickly, and have more
severe impacts than the public expects?

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...given the long-term trends in the arctic ice coverage over the past 40 years, which clearly trend downwards. And it does create some communication nightmares for environmental activists to have to put into context.

Definitely a funny choice of words....

I wonder what the fruit cake nuts on the left will blame for the normal sea ice conditions in the Artic. My guess would be, Global Warming. Hahaha!

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