Wall Street Journal features Toledo's fiscal reckoning

The Wall Street Journal has a pretty good feature story on Toledo's fiscal reckoning.


TOLEDO, Ohio—This former manufacturing hub of about 300,000 narrowly averted having the state take over its finances by filling a $48 million budget gap late Tuesday. To tackle that deficit, Mayor Michael Bell had to take on the city's police and firefighters' unions and propose other controversial measures.


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No thanks to the solcialist/"progressive" MacNamara who voted in support of his union masters, against the budget. He might as well come out of the closet and admit that his true constituency is union, just as the 0bama administration is coming clean on their marxist agenda.

Police and Firefighters have difficult jobs and I don't begrudge them a decent living, but the situation has gone beyond the decent. The salaies, benefits, and penisons of all the members of the public employee unions are way beyond what people in the priviate sector are getting for similar jobs, plus, they have much more job security.

In addition to pensions, we often have to pay the entire premiums for the GOLD-PLATED heatlh insurance plans of the public worker, while also paying part or all of the premiums for our own TIN-PLATED PLANS, and when Obama starts taxing these plans, guess who is going to wind up paying the GOLD-PLATED tax.

This kind of situation can't continue, but the Democrats/Progressives have been bought off by the public employee unions and they don't care about workers in the private sector.

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We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

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