Reps. Maag and Sears applaud Senate legislation to protect health care decisions

Columbus—State Representatives Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) and Barbara Sears (R-Maumee) today released the following statement applauding Senate action to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to make their own health care decisions:

“Senate Bill 244, introduced by Senators Shannon Jones and Tim Grendell, is a vital step toward ensuring that Ohioans will maintain control over their own health care. With our state already facing an $8 billion budget deficit in the next budget, the last thing Ohio’s families need is a pricy, substandard mandate that will diminish their access to vital services while driving up costs on the taxpayers and small businesses.

“This is a turning point in our state’s history that can either spur us to protect the interests of our state, or bankrupt Ohio’s families and grow our deficit. It’s clear which side House Insurance Committee chairman Dan Dodd and the House majority has chosen by silencing our Ohio Health Care Freedom Act, which we proposed in August 2009. Because the House majority refused to give this measure due consideration, I am pleased that our colleagues in the Senate have stepped forward to provide leadership on this issue.

“In the wake of the federal health care bill’s passage, Senate Bill 244 will ensure that Ohio is not soaked with new federal taxes or mandates and help give Ohioans a voice on the health care reform issue.”

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