Toledo Blade spelling error makes headlines


Spelling error makes Wall Street Journal's best of the Web, the Wall Street Journal has a moment of fun....

He's Luckey the Blade Can't Spell Any Better Than He Can
"Luckey Teen Wins Blade Spelling Bee"--headline, Toledo Blade, March 18


But then the Blade has the last laugh as noted in the Huffington Post:


And the Wall Street Journal responds:

So the question is: Joel Schwartzberg, alien or robot? There are other possibilities, of course. It may be that he is human and suffers from a condition akin to blindness or deafness--a congenital or acquired lack of the ability to sense humor. Or perhaps--and this is a long shot--he's being so deadpan that we're missing the joke.

In any case, it's nothing we need to worry about. Luckey for us!'s_Most_Popular

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