Republican Primary Debate between Rich Iott and Jack Smith

TOLEDO, Ohio – March 22, 2010 – The Children of Liberty, along with media sponsor Toledo Free Press, announced today that they will host a debate between Republican Primary candidates for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District Representative, the seat currently held by Congresswoman Kaptur.

The debate underscores the commitment of both sponsors to bring pertinent information to the voting public, so that in May, Republican voters can make the most informed decision at the polls. Candidates Rich Iott, former Food Town executive, and Jack Smith, former Toledo Police Chief, will participate in the debate. With moderator Fred LeFebvre of WSPD’s “Fred LeFebvre and the Morning News,” candidates will answer questions presented by a panel as well as members of the audience. The panel will include Kristen Rapin from Toledo Free Press, blogger Frank Higgins of Just Blowin’ Smoke, and Scott Allegrini.

“The debate format will be pretty standard,” said Scott Allegrini, founder of the Children of Liberty and panel member representing the Tea Party perspective. “Even though the candidates are likely pretty similar ideologically, we are looking forward to challenging them with questions that might offer perspective on their differences, or priorities once elected. We have prepared questions that we feel are direct, straight forward and offer little room to tap-dance around the issues.”

This debate is intended to give the candidates a forum to present themselves to those declared Republicans voting in May, especially without clear leadership within the Lucas County Republican Party. All voters residing in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District are encouraged to attend. It is clear that in November there will be a choice, and this debate will be a significant step in understanding the differences are between Ms. Kaptur and her potential challengers.

“This will be the first of our endeavor to discover what the candidates bring to the table,” said Mr. Allegrini, “and while we will not be endorsing any candidates as a group, we hope to educate our membership and the community regarding what candidates best support their personal principles and values. Our members also care about the direction of our country, and this upcoming election will surely bring that into question. Whomever the candidate, this question must be answered in terms of the future of our country and the generations after us.”

The doors will open to the public at 6:00pm and the Ohio 9th Congressional District Republican Primary Debate will begin at 6:30pm on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 at The Fraternal Order of Eagles #2562 (2301 Detroit Avenue in Maumee).

The Children of Liberty believes is the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, Constitutional integrity, Natural law and respect for life. A non-partisan patriot group, The Children of Liberty includes over 700 liberty-loving members. The Children of Liberty is also a part of the Ohio Liberty Council and the northwest Ohio Patriot Coalition. Additional information is available on The Children of Liberty’s website at

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