The Battle for Health Care Might be Over, Now The Battle For The Country Is Beginning.


As we watched the extent socialists went to, to continue taking a large part of the country over last night, there's no more guessing as to what to expect in November. The average person now knows what he/she's dealing with as the progressive/communist aparatchiks continue trying to herd us into some sort of peoples' republik. Independents, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and such need to know how serious this socialist consortium is, and how they will resort to absolutely anything in November to try to strengthen their position. If ever there were a time to mobilize our political clout, it it NOW. For most of us, that means realizing how important our vote will be in a few short months. Think about it-our votes threw the democrats out of KENNEDYS' lifetime seat-and soon, real soon, will come the time to throw the rest of them O-U-T.

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When President Obama signs his signature health care bill into law, it will be the first time in history any social entitlement bill has ever passed with the support of only one party - and with bi-partisan opposition.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

There's going to be other "firsts" coming down the pike. Next up will be the first minority president not being elected to a second term, and the first time mz. kaptur gets voted out as well.

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