Libertarian night with the children of liberty group !


Libertarian candidates came to the Maumee library last night 3/15. They have a full slate of candidates , even a primary runoff with 2 candidates for US Congress district 9 ! Each candidate gave a short , personal talk about their life and the role of limited government. Brian Wilson talked at the beginning about the basics of Libertarianism. The candidates were available afterwards, it was refereshing to see common folk running for office who understand government's limited role .
Here is a partial list of candidates, I hope they get the full list up on their website. Governor- Ken Matesz - I talked to him , he is a mason from right here in Toledo.
State Attorney General - Marc Feldman- he brought the 2700 page health care monstrosoty to the meeting.
State Auditor - Mike Howard - he 's a real government auditor with lots of experience
Congress dist 9 Joseph M. Jaffe
Congress dist 9 Jeremy Swartz - he is on facebook. Both these young guys gave compelling talks
Congress 5th district Brian Smith- he's from Bowling Green.
Ohio House - 47 th district Joseph Pfeiffer- He lives in East Toledo.
Secretary of State - Charlie Earl
State Treasurer - Mathew Cantrell

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