City Issues Layoff Notices

"Plan B" to balance the budget would result in severe cuts to parks and public safety

The City of Toledo today issued 137.5 layoff notices in an effort to present a balanced budget come March 31st. The layoff measures would be in addition to other cuts and revenue enhancements that have been proposed for council approval, but not yet acted upon. The personnel cuts so far would result in the elimination of 125 police officers and 32.5 other non-essential general fund positions - some of which are currently vacant. Other notices are pending.

The Mayor will be available at 3 p.m. today on the 22nd floor of Government Center to discuss the layoffs.

Employees received notices today that due to the budget crisis their positions would be eliminated due to a lack of funding. The layoffs are effective April 15, 2010.

While Mayor Bell has sought to prevent layoffs due to the impact they will have on public safety, response time and service delivery, the cuts become unavoidable as the clock counts down to the March 31st deadline when the city is required to pass a balanced budget. The Mayor has proposed approximately $28 million in other initiatives that would balance the remaining deficit without layoffs, but the impending deadline requires "Plan B" to be set in action while council continues to deliberate on those proposals.

The City of Toledo's budget deficit was $48 million at the close of fiscal year 2009. The Bell administration is working to implement nearly $23 million in spending reductions and revenue enhancements through administrative changes. The remaining $25 million gap must be closed before March 31st. The Mayor has submitted several legislative proposals to City Council including exigency to alter union contracts, elimination of the 100% tax credit; an admission tax for sports and cultural events, and a $15 refuse fee. Those proposals total approximately $28 million.

Complete lists of those employees affected by the layoffs are attached to this release.

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So much for his "Safety First" campaign slogan! I suppose this is about half of who we will finally lay off. Luckily, storekeepers are "taking care of business."

Old South End Broadway

How exactly do you issue .5 (as in 1/2) of a layoff notice?
Was that .5 of a person hired to balance the quotas for minorities? I'll bet it was hard to find a Pacific Islander Amputee to count as the .5 of the quota for "racial diversity".

(sorry. I couldn't help myself)

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I want the state to come in and cut like a mulching lawnmower.

Alas, Ohio hasn't demonstrated in the past having the minerals to show up and be assertive. Previous municipal bankruptcies have only elicited "advisory" responses from the state. And I find it even more unlikely that Strickland will send äss-kickers to the Democrat citadel of Toledo to restore fiscal sanity.

We're going to suffer hugely in this environment. Unionized city employees will enjoy greatly unearned benefits off of our taxes. Everything will be taxed. If you think you're taxed too much now -- which is nearly mathematically true -- then just wait until they slap taxes over any product, service and action that you buy, seek or take.

Toledo's population according to the American Community Survey is 287K. That's about the same level of what it was in 1944. And with this out-of-control spending regime, that will only continue to decrease ... as ever-increasing taxes give more and more people the impetus to leave this rotting core behind.

Detroit went from 1.6 million to 600K, and it's still dropping. That is our future ... unless Democrats here swallow their Liberal pride and stop supporting taxers and spenders. We're not a wealthy city, and in fact we're just getting poorer. Nothing can stop this. Nothing at all. That's the reality that Liberals have to face, if they want to claim to have any sanity.

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