Layoffs unnecessary

All that needs to be done is eliminate spending on things that are not in the charter and
have the state audit the books and go after those that plundered funds while in office.
There us no way anyone in the administration has a handle on the finances. If they don't know where the money went in the past how do they possibly know where the money is now?

Does the current administration have the guts to make these changes. I doubt it they lean to take the easy way out, layoffs and tax increases, but the solution is right here. The last thing done should be laying off police and fire, essential services. If it gets to this point Toledo is done. The people will uprise and it is already started quietly with the dissatisfaction with the garbage service by leaving the cans out all week by the street. City council can pass all the
regulations they want to try to prevent these disobediences but they have no teeth and the citizens know it and the civil unrest will build.

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Wasn't sure where to post this:

Why Does the Department of Education Need Twenty-Seven Tactical Entry Shotguns?
Posted in Homeland Security by Rob Taylor on March 12th, 2010
The Department of Education has put in an order for twenty seven Remington 870 shotguns in 12 gauge with 14″ barrels and Knoxx adjustable stocks. The order form implies that these new procurements will be comparable with an existing armory:

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) intends to purchase twenty-seven (27) REMINGTON BRAND MODEL 870 POLICE 12/14P MOD GRWC XS4 KXCS SF. RAMAC #24587 GAUGE: 12 BARREL: 14″ – PARKERIZED CHOKE: MODIFIED SIGHTS: GHOST RING REAR WILSON COMBAT; FRONT – XS CONTOUR BEAD SIGHT STOCK: KNOXX REDUCE RECOIL ADJUSTABLE STOCK FORE-END: SPEEDFEED SPORT-SOLID – 14″ LOP are designated as the only shotguns authorized for ED based on compatibility with ED existing shotgun inventory, certified armor and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts.
The required date of delivery is March 22, 2010.

Unless you’re willing to pay a hefty “tax” for owning restricted weapons (sorry liberals, there’s no such thing as an assault weapon ban) you’re not legally allowed to own a shotgun with a barrel under 18 inches. But short barrels are often used by military and law enforcement for entry teams who need small but powerful weapons for urban assaults and house to house fighting. If you were going to kick in the front door of an apartment and wanted to carry something with more knockdown power than a pistol (or a carbine chambered in a pistol caliber) but that would be easy to maneuver in the tight confines of a hallway or foyer, a short barreled shotgun fits the bill.

But why does the Department of Education need a shotgun seemingly designed for kicking in doors anyway? Are they finally going to crack down on homeschooling? Are student restrooms so out of control that sweep teams need to be sent in?

Even if you concede that the Department of Education needs shotguns, why are they not ordering regular cruiser models? Why do they need to be tactical models? Do they already have an existing inventory and are adding to it? If so, why does the Department of Education have an inventory of firearms? It’s like the feds are trying to start conspiracy theorizing.
The link above will have another link taking you to the site:Federal Business Oppotunities website. FYI Same gun David Koresh's wife and son were shot with in Waco, I think it was.

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