WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement regarding updated Ohio unemployment county numbers released today by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Of the 16 counties within Ohio’s Fifth Congressional District, five counties have an unemployment rate of 15 percent or higher.

“With no relief in sight for the staggering unemployment numbers across Ohio, specifically in my district, everyone continues to ask when Congress will address the most important issue facing our nation - job creation and economic growth. Just over a year ago, President Obama promised that with his ‘Stimulus’ package, our nation’s unemployment rate would not exceed eight percent. Now, we are facing almost ten percent unemployment nationwide and over ten percent unemployment in Ohio, after spending over $1 trillion on the failed ‘stimulus’ package. Instead of going back to work, taxpayers are left to foot the bill of this legislation that did almost nothing to stimulate our economy.

I, along with many of my House Republican colleagues, have introduced multiple pieces of legislation over the past year that would bring immediate job creation and economic growth to our country. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership continue to prevent our legislation from receiving a committee hearing, let alone a vote on the House floor. Instead of playing politics with our economy, President Obama and Congressional Democrat leadership should seriously consider new bipartisan legislation to bring jobs and growth back to our nation. ”

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