Toledo likely will face Financial Emergency


Its sad but the sooner Toledo solves its problems the better it is for the city and its citizens.

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At the risk of being labeled an elitist again by Not Again, I should point out that the Toledo Free Press covered this three weeks ago.

The article states, "Mr. Herwat said. 'At some point in this year, October, November, we would be in position not to make payroll.' " Long way to go, and maybe more money to add to the deficit.

Old South End Broadway

I dont buy it for a second. Theres no way these guys are willing to give up their power to the state.

The city does not lose power, That Guy - the state acts in more like an advisory capacity. The upside to the city is that the state can come in and unilaterally rewrite union contracts. Over 50 Ohio municipalities have been through either the fiscal watch or fiscal emergency status, inlcuding Cleveland and Youngstown.

Then that's the real reason, Mike. "Unilaterally rewrite union contracts" ... the pols have been looking to get rid of those contracts for years, so they can play with even more of our millions of instead of just shoveling them at the unionized bastards.

This should be fun. Maybe Bell should hurry up and give out a few bonuses to the undeserving before the State moves in and resets everyones salaries back to normal.


How much money will the city save if the double dippers only get paid the difference of their salaries and their retirement?

James Adams

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