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The following is a public service announcement, courtesy of Chris.

After a few minutes of agonizing over my morning Bourbon I decided to start my own Blog, just to see what happens. If you're bored or curious, point your browser at Mad Jack's Shack and be amused for a while.

My thanks to Chris for the advertisement.

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to thank. Anyone is able to post links they want as long as you are not a spammer :) Hopefully, you will keep it up and make it an interesting destination.

Its nice being able to post your thoughts on this site. At other sites they will edit out ideas and such that they dont agree with. That lady at the jungle is notorious at editing other peoples post then passing off their ideas as her own.
We look forward to your post.

I absolutely agree. She is very controlling. A typical progressive.

Glass City Jungle is Lisa Renee's site. She is under no obligation to provide either of you a forum to pontificate, and my experience has been that she is quite tolerant of diverging viewpoints, only stepping in when posters do not follow the clearly defined site rules. I disagree with Lisa Renee on any number of issues and have never had a post edited or deleted, and there are plenty of conservatives who post there without problem.

Want unlimited free speech without an editor? Start your own f**king blog and quit whining. Or perhaps you should examine your own posts and figure out what got them removed or edited.

I too feel Lisa is fair and has adequately articulated the standards that apply. I have never had a post edited or deleted. I have seen liberal and conservative as well as all views in between expressed.

Standards do seem to be personal and it's her site, so she sets the rules. Start your own blog and then you can whine, post, shout, curse, whatever without interruption or moderation.

jungle is also not truthful. She is a revisionist as to some things that take place and she causes a lot of trouble. Her following is vast and her posters suck up to her. If you aren't one of those, it is either her way or the highway.
There will be a topic and if she doesn't like what you say she will admonish you to stay on topic. Some of her favorite posters can go off topic and she never utters a mumbling word but if it is someone she doesn't agree with or like personally she tells them to stay on topic. As was my case, she just kept deleting my post. Had she let me know person to person (human to human) that she did not like my comment I would not have kept posting it but what she did was just delete my post.

I didn't know that she edits post as I have not commented since I voluntarily stopped posting on her site, the night that Barack Obama became president elect. However, she continues to state that she kicked me off of her site but I have emails between she and I that prove otherwise.

She is moving up in Toledo Politics so .................beware........ you never know what poison is being spread about you.....

it is necessary to start your own "f**king" blog so that you can whine, curse, shout or whatever. There are other options. Find a blog that does not edit or delete, such as this one, join Facebook where you can dialogue with family and "friends" and people who think like you do or "tweet."

There is plenty to do on the internet to voice your opinion....

"There will be a topic and if she doesn't like what you say she will admonish you to stay on topic. Some of her favorite posters can go off topic and she never utters a mumbling word but if it is someone she doesn't agree with or like personally she tells them to stay on topic."

This is very true, in my opinion, purnhrt.

Historymike is a "progressive" that enjoys personal attacks against those that disagree with his elitist views.


Ah, a "personal attack" to tell you to quit whining and get your own f**king blog when you complain about how how Lisa Renee runs her own website? Gee, should Lisa Renee be prevented from exercising her private property rights, Not Again? Sounds like closet socialism (or fascism) to me. I guess Not Again must be a person with a sense of entitlement, thinking that he has the right to impose his views in anyone's private space.

Oh, and by the way, Not Again: what is it with you and the homoerotic comments lately? First you daydream about leftists in bath houses and then you start drooling about how you expect them to "come out of the closet". Now, if you swing that way, that's cool by me, but for a guy who spends a lot of time pontificating about morality, you sure do seem fixated on homosexuality.

I would absolutely LOVE for you to provide examples of the "elitism" you have been fond of accusing me of in recent weeks. If it is not too much bother, please peruse my blog or my writings on SB and post some of this for my edification.

It is puzzling to me how someone like me who drives a 16-year-old used car, lives in a comfortable-but-average-priced house in West Toledo, and whose family history can best be described by the phrases "UAW blue collar" and "Appalachian coal miners" can be called an "elitist." Oh, and if the fact that I teach college is the elitist identifier, remember that I teach at a third-tier Midwestern public university, hardly a bastion of "elitists." In fact, at the risk of offending any actual elitists at places like UT or BGSU, I have never run across anyone that fits such a definition on the campuses of either school (with the possible exception of a handful of snobbish administrators).

Is there a local blog where I can type about my affinity for the Ford Pinto? Don't tell me I have to start one of my own. Like my Pinto's gas tank, that's too much trouble.

Patience is a great virtue.

no Not Again! That is too funny that we have come full circle. I "got in trouble" with that lady in the jungle because of something I posted in reply to a post of used to be one of her what

I was never one of her favorites, hahaha. she hates me. :)

See there purnhrt,, there will always be a common ground between us.

I wouldn't be surprised if she sent her favorite suck butt over here on the attack. But he is probably still in bed, in a drunken rum stupor. hahaha

I won a bet that after the second comment this thread would turn into one where Twila and Not Again would both complain about me since neither one was allowed on my site. Jason has taken issue with my not allowing some of his one liner insults to be published, which as I stated to him in an email, in over 59,000 comments posted by thousands of people, only a few people seem to have difficulty with the concept of civilized adult discussion.

This is actually a good demonstration of why my site has rules related to topics since the topic of this original post was Mad Jack deciding to start a blog. Not how a few of you who can't follow basic simple rules, don't like me because I would not let you use my site for your own personal playgrounds.

But carry on and enjoy bashing me since here? That's allowed and I hope it gives you hours of enjoyment. Though I really think this area has more important issues to concern itself over.

Congratulation on starting a blog Mad Jack, I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have. As a wise person once told me, when you piss off people from both sides, you know you are being fair.

Thank you Twila and Not Again, I will enjoy the lunch I won and will raise my glass of iced tea to you both.


We don't remember days only moments...

Congratulation on starting a blog Mad Jack, I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have. As a wise person once told me, when you piss off people from both sides, you know you are being fair.

Thanks Lisa Renee. I have always found that a compromise is a situation which makes everyone involved equally unhappy. Fairness is pretty much the same thing.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I never checked out the Glass City Jungle, but it sounds like a winner to me. Just the list of people here that don't like it is pretty good advertising. Thank you!

the jungle. "Liar, liar, pants on fire." Personal and petty do not become you.

Yet here you are...cryin about the big ole meanies here on this very site....

Oh boo hoo....

I suppose posting links to your blog is considered harrassment too eh?

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

March is supposed to enter like a Lamb not a Lion. Let's please consider this at least tonight. If I was not so mentally drained right now (of my own making) I would actually respond. Everyone make your own peace and commence civil discussion :) There are plenty of bad things going on in the area to not waste our time on this one topic. Let's point our fingers outward again shall we? :)

He got all liquored up and in his hazy state thought starting a blog was such a stellar idea.

And now look at the mess he's made...

What do you mean, hazy? Who's hazy?

Well, actually, it did seem like a good idea at the time, and Chis told me I could go ahead and announce it here. How was I supposed to know this would happen?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

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