Rich Iott / Jack Smith debate the issues in race for Congress

The Toledo Free Press and Children of Liberty are proud to announce a Debate between Rich Iott and Jack Smith on March 25th @ 6 pm. The debate will be held at the Maumee Eagles on Detroit and River Road. If you wish to submit questions send them to This should be a good opportunity to hear what Iott and Smith think about current issue and what needs to happen going forward with our great nation.

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Hot Tea Bag on Tea Bag action!

Feeling threatened SensorG? The people will prevent the progressive/communist take over by 0bama.

Thin skinned Not Again? Jokes are meant to be laughed at and made fun of. I’m just doing what comes natural. BTW I’m never threatened by politicians.

That was a good joke sensor, in theory, but I don't appreciate the visual.

sensorG, being laughed at and made fun of, is doing what comes natural to you? That's a shame.

...a vampire's teabag?

Old South End Broadway

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