Jon says the Toledo Fire Department caused delay

In the article in today's Blade, Jon is saying the Fire Department caused the delay and even suggested they were in cahoots with the Jeff Simpson faction to get the meeting closed down. You can see in the story a clearer picture of what went on (view the full story). I wanted to provide some more background now that I see how the article went and Jon's take on the event. At no time did Jon or anyone say what was going on downstairs. If there was an issue, why not send someone upstairs and explain the delay? For the whole 40-45 minutes during the delay, no one said what is going on or why there is a delay, it was only after the meeting started that Jon and Megan came up and said why there was a delay. The fire department inspectors were only upstairs for 3/5 minutes, at that time everyone wondered what was going on and it was a period of time after they went downstairs (10-20 minutes) that where we thought Jon would never start the meeting, especially after what appeared at the time that he called the fire department. So for Jon to say that the meeting started in violation of the fire inspectors is assuming he actually had the skills to communicate what was going on.


"To me, it was a diversion," Mr. Stainbrook said. "The fire department, whether they were in cahoots or not, they were used. We were detained while the diversion was created."

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Now, when I read comments about how crooked the Democratic Party is in Toledo I only have to remember these shenanigans.

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Remember Specifically - Jon Stainbrook, buddy of JR Block

Instead of calling 911 Boellner called his buddy, the retired fire captain, to call a working fire captain to get a "special" inspection" because some fool was "afraid" to be in a building. Aren't most inspections scheduled during the day, or did the taxpayers pay overtime for this one. Republicans, always watching the taxpayer's dollar.

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was no organized attempt to call the TFD, just one person doing it. Most everyone thought it was Jon who called the dept to try to get the meeting delayed or cancelled to allow him to call more people.

Is it just me or does anyone else smell something fishy in the fire departments role in all of this. There is 13 seconds of audio missing from the audio provided to the Blade by the alarm office which would have explained the reason why Mr. Debien called. The Blade article stated that "Capt. Damon Williams in the department's communications bureau said the audio was lost through "a fault in the system," and that it could not have been erased. "I do not feel that foul play is involved," he said in an explanation e-mailed to Chief Michael Wolever. My source tells me that's the only way it could be missing and that Mr. Debien was a former Captain in the alarm office. Mr Stainbrook is really fooling himself to think that the fire department will do a investigation that will tell the whole or should I say the real truth. Fault in the system?......Foul play? about, it was just erased.

There is are a few things in this article that are very disturbing to me.
1. The 13 seconds missing from the audio.

2. Why was Mr Stainbrook asked to accompany the fire chief during the walk through?

3. Why is Chief Abair putting himself in a position to make assumptions on who called and then admit he was mistaken.

4. Why would Stainbrook call, when in fact the article states that it was a member of the faction that voted to overthrow Mr. Stainbrook that called a friend of his, a retired Toledo fire captain, and got a fire pumper dispatched to the GOP headquarters, creating a nearly hour-long delay that played into the hands of those planning the takeover.

5. Mr. Boellner's claim to feeling unsafe is hogwash. Sounds to me as if this was pre-planned. Mr. Boellner didn't want to go through the 911 system because he knew that Mr. Debien was a former captain in the alarm office and could directly call Captain Romstadt's direct line.

Mr. Stainbrook is fooling himself to think that the fire department would conduct a unibiased investigation. This is the same fire department that just hired 14 to 15 relatives of current or retired firefighters, submitted a audio tape with 13 seconds missing and call a faulty system, and a fire chief that is rumored to have hired his own son. Mr. Stainbrook should be asking for an independent investigation. Sounds like the fire department needs investigating

I can't answer all of your questions Titan, but as of #2 I don't believe that Megan and Jon were with the fire inspectors as they were upstairs looking.

#5 while I don't believe the first room had a lock, it was very crowded in the small south room where the meeting was supposed to take place. I could imagine people being concerned with the number of people in the small room.

We can't answer any of your other questions, so who knows what is the truth and what is not.

Also, another failure on Jon's behalf, why did he pick such a lousy building from the start? Obviously, he was not thinking he needed to be able to fit 300 people at one time which brings up the question about how many people he expected to actually participate on central committee meetings.

The Blade wrote "Claiming he felt unsafe, Anthony Boellner of Grand Rapids, Ohio, a supporter of Mr. Simpson and a member of the central committee, called a friend of his who is a retired Toledo fire captain to have the building checked for overcrowding, according to Mr. Boellner and others. The friend was Gerald Debien." If Mr. Boellner felt unsafe you would think that the first thing he would do would be to warn others. But then he is a Republican. And the main thing is to get rid of Jon Stainbrook.

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...the LCRP. It might be time to remove Boellner from the Central Committee and disavow any connection between him and the Simpson faction. He seemed to let his emotions cloud his common sense. If you're in danger of fire you warn others and leave the fire trap. What he did does not show sound judgement. Luckily the Democratic Party has these kinds of opponents on the other side.

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1. Did Boellner warn others of his concerns?

2. Why didn't those (if warned) leave the building?

3. Why is the Central Committee so large? 300 people seems rather unweildly for an organization that wants to get things done quickly. It might make sense in a representative body like the U.S. Congress but look at how long it takes to get things accomplished there. Yet, that may be its beauty.

Maybe the Blah or Toledo Free Press can look into these questions (if they are of interest to others). Of course, such questions may never be answered.

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... and TFP. It will be interesting to see if they find as much interest in them as I did.

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The Blade, Jan. 25, 2010 "When the inspection stretched on toward 7 p.m., the renegade group moved to take over the meeting by appointing a temporary chairman - Chris Myers." So did the Toledo Blade report accurately that the inspection stretched beyond 7 PM, or is Chris accurate in stating that the fire department inspectors were only upstairs 3-5 minutes. So who reported this more accurately, the Toledo Blade or Chris Meyers?

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I must admit I haven't paid a lot of attention to the whole LCRP/Stainbrook story. I just don't care that much about the inside of party politics.
That said, two things.
1. I've read just enough that the name, Jon Stainbrook , screams (to me anyway) major douchebag.

2. I keep reading they were afraid of a fire in the building they were in due to the large crowd. - Did they think the people were going to spontaneously combust ?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

My take on these issues is this.

1. Central Committee meetings should have a location to accommodate the number of people in the committee even if they routinely do not show. Having organized meetings such as this and knowing that attendance is always a problem I do understand their issue with it but I know there are enough loyal Republicans who can find/provide a space large enough to accommodate.

2. Mr. Boellner cannot be removed from the C.C. unless wrongdoing is proven. I see no evidence to hint at ANY wrongdoing. He is elected to the central committee and has a right to serve his full term unless some infraction can be found. Delaying a meeting when safety is a concern is not reason to remove him.

3. Stain is no Republican. He does nothing for the good of the party. Every time he opens his mouth he serves to embarrass the party and hurt the candidates. He only wants to get on the BOE where he can then hurt the party further. He is a Democrat who wears a GOP button on his lapel.

When considering the motives of all considered one should ask themselves when is it ethical for someone who has the duty to appoint someone to a paid public position when is it appropriate for them to nominate themselves.

The answer is it is never ethical. Had Bush appointed himself Supreme Court Justice imagine the furor we would have had from both Dems and Repubs. Something as such has NO foundation in ethics whatsoever.


... himself to the Board of Elections? It would be interesting to find out if Stainbrook is the only unethical one.

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In this link,, "I'm proud of you guys," Mr. Stainbrook told the 63 executive committee members in attendance. "It means a lot to me that I have friends like you, to come out here and support me. Truly, thank you."

'"The committee has 80 members, Mr. Stainbrook said."

Is the executive committee the same as the Central Committee?

In this link, , "Mr. Stainbrook was the target of an unexpected overthrow attempt during a meeting of the 230-member central committee Monday night. The meeting attracted police and fire department responses because of complaints about the size and behavior of the crowd."

So lots of people are in the executive committees and central committees. It seems to rival the legislative body of the deceased Soviet Union. And probably as little will be accomplished.

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But Central Committee members are by precinct.

Executive Committee members are positions internal to the party made up of both C.C. members and elected officials. They're kind of like the Super delegates from this past Dem Presidential Primary.

As far as I know the LCDP operates in a similar fashion. In fact, swampbubbles poster dalepertcheck is running for a central committee position for the Dems. Good luck Dale even though you're running unopposed!

Outside of the Central Committee and Executive Committee are other Republican affiliated groups who serve as PAC and fund raising entities would on the national stage. These groups are the Lucas County Log Cabin Republicans, the LC Young Republicans, UT College Republicans, Fallen Timbers Republicans etc.

My brother has been involved in both the Central Committee and at least two of the outside groups before.

My involvement has been purely financial and campaign support. Yet this has stopped with the LCRP upon Stain's "election".


...Lucas County Republican Party is Stainbrook. Once he is gone the party can go back to being the marginalized rump it deserves to be.

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Stainbrook has done more to marginalize the Party than before. Look at the past elections. He didn't support his nominees. And given his track record of financial records it appears he's as corrupt as Noe. Only difference was Noe fooled most of us.


I seem to remember Larry Kaczala got in some trouble before he was defeated in election. By then he did not call himself a Republican.

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Your statement while short is riddled with problems.

First off, Mr. Kaczala is one Republican I can recall who wasn't linked to anything scandalous during the Noe period. He commented on it some time ago.

Secondly the last thing I remember him running for was Judge and he and Mike Goulding were both running as Republicans. For the life of me I can't remember who was the endorsed Republican but I would bet it was Goulding because he was incumbent.


I should research better

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I can understand the confusion though. I remember the Bland throwing out Kaczala's name during the whole Noe thing because Larry had/has a huge problem with Stain, rightfully so IMO, and the Bland was pushing Stain and Kidd with every article they could because they were going to write a book and BLOW THE LID OF THE THING.... but all they had to say was printed in an article by the Toledo Free Press.

What followed was Stain's frivious lawsuits and even confronting Michael Miller at a local school in front of students.


I was actually thinking of Ray Kest, a Democrat.

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