Public Apology From Fred LeFebvre

I must apologize publicly for something I said on air a few months ago, and am doing it here as well as on air Thursday.
When the Cash For Clunkers program began under the auspices of the Federal Govt. I jokingly said on air that "next we'll have Cash For Kitchens". Obviously I was joking because the idea of using tax dollars to help people buy appliances is so obviously ludicrous.
I have to apologize for putting the idea out there because someone from the state of Ohio was obviously listening to the internet feed on . Here's just a snippet from a Columbus newspaper : "The program, backed with $11 million from Washington’s federal stimulus program, is equipped to issue more than 89,000 rebates ranging from $100 to $250 on refrigerators, washers, dishwashers, heaters and other appliances."
I have been unable to find anywhere in the Constitution the authority for this program, so I can only assume the idea began on my show. Once again to my fellow tax paying, blue collar, hard-working families I say " I apologize".
I am so sorry.

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I need a new fridge so don't rock the boat. Ha! Ha!

please refrain from doing this again. Can you just talk about Brittany Spears from now on? They don't need anymore ideas....

After Obama gets his health care bill passed (and I hope he doesn't), how about "Cash for Colonoscopies?" to simulate the colonoscopy test business?


I'm waiting for ObamaCare so you people will pay for my healthcare and I can spend my money on a HD TV, but of Barry is going to buy me my new TV, I don't have to wait for ObamaCare.

Hurry up! I want, I want, I want. And I want YOU to pay for it.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

The progressives were trying the same games on health care 60 years ago and RR was our Glen Beck now. This is amazing!!!

You have nothing to apologize for Headrick. You said "cash for kitchens" not "cash for appliances". Two different things. Nice try though!


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