David Kushma explains why editorials are not signed

While other major newspapers, like the Atlanta Journal Constitution do sign their editorials, David Kushma defends the Toledo Blade's stance. Some interesting tidbits:
There's a simple explanation, for those who are willing to hear it.

Our editorials aren't signed because they don't have individual authors. They represent the official opinion of The Blade as a newspaper, and the collective judgment of our editorial board.

He also says:
Separately, I speak at length every day with The Blade's publisher and editor-in-chief, John Robinson Block. As you might imagine, he is not shy about advancing the policy prescriptions he wants this newspaper to espouse.

I don't necessarily buy the reasonings because they should put a primary author or like the AJC does publish counterpoints. Do you buy it?

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I find it interesting that the Free Press can have every editorial signed, including those by publisher Tom Pounds and Editor in Chief Michael Miller, but the Blade cannot.

The excuse presented that signing these pieces would subject the writers to some untoward behavior holds no water either. Their syndicated columnists manage to sign equally offensive contributions, and I have yet to hear of one of them being mistreated.

As for the concept of multiple contributors, if this is the case why not sign all of the names?

Cause the same people that are writing these opinion pieces are also writing the same "news stories" that carry the byline of Blade Staff. lol

The excuses, or the paper? I buy NEITHER!

....NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and LA Times don't have individual names to their editorials, only columns.... And that's the first five I looked through.

USA Today does, but that's because they do a view/counterview style, I think.

It doesn't seem all that strange to me...

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