Carol Contrada files paperwork for commissioner

Sylvania Township Trustee Carol Contrada filed petitions today as a Democratic candidate for Lucas County Commissioner.

Mrs. Contrada cited three reasons for her decision:

1.Lucas County needs leadership that can continue strong budget control during tough economic times. While Lucas County has made thoughtful budgetary decisions, the City of Toledo’s spiraling budget deficit negatively impacts the county and all municipalities and townships in the county. Mrs. Contrada states that the sound fiscal practices which earned Sylvania Township the highest bond rating in Lucas County are a model for what can be done to insure financial stability while delivering essential government services to the taxpayer.

2.Mrs. Contrada has spent her career helping regular taxpaying citizens – both as an attorney and a township trustee. She has experience working directly with people who have real concerns, and believes her ability as a problem-solver and a person who is passionate about individuals, families, and their communities is a valuable skill that’s needed in regional leadership roles.

3.Working together for common goals and developing consensus about who we are as a community is the key to strength as a region and within our communities and neighborhoods. Mrs. Contrada believes on building on our strengths. As a community leader, Mrs. Contrada has the vision, ability and experience needed to bring growth and pride to our region.

Mrs. Contrada, a life-long resident of Lucas County, is a graduate of the University of Toledo College of Law. She is a practicing attorney with her husband and law partner Charlie Contrada. She was elected to the Sylvania Township Board of Trustees in 2003, and is currently chairman of the Board of Trustees. She is first vice-chairman of the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, and a member of the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce, the Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Sylvania Community Improvement Council. She has served on the Sylvania Community Services Board.

“I believe the next commissioner must understand the issues facing the City of Toledo, while also providing a voice for the county’s suburban jurisdictions. I bring experience, knowledge, and a passion for our region to this key leadership role. I know the suburbs from Maumee to Oregon, from Sylvania Township to Jerusalem Township, and everything in between. I also support the need for a strong City of Toledo. When Toledo, our core community, struggles to provide essential services to its citizens, we all need to step up to the plate. I have done that in my local community, and it’s time for me to serve the larger community we all share.”

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The answer to Lucas Countys' problems is to get rid of all the democrat lawyers from Toledo, and elect democrat lawyers from the suburbs? Well, stupid me! That is just what Lucas County needs-a new, improved democrat to bugger things up. What we DON'T need any more of is lawyers getting their hands on the controls, of ANY political persuasion.

The government employee unions in the township love Carol. She can't give them enough taxpayer money. She'll be a contender for the nomination, that's for certain....

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