Future of Toledo - your chance to be heard

Today the Bell administration is using their Web site http://futureoftoledo.org to allow you to look at some of the money saving ideas and vote on them. It is great that Mayor Bell is doing this and it is your chance to be heard. Do participate! Look for the link on the Home page.
You can also learn about the budgeting process on the Web site.


This does remind me to tell you that ideasfortps.org will be reborn very soon. Stay tuned!


TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - City of Toledo leaders have created a new website to solicit residents' ideas to balance the city's budget deficit, which is estimated at more than $43 million.

Mayor Mike Bell has already hosted several meetings to reach a consensus on how to best eliminate the deficit. Since he cannot meet with everyone, Bell has decided to utilize the a website to reach more folks.


No votes yet

Everything that is not in the charter. Then Toledo will have a surplus. Anything else is just a smoke screen and won't
get rid of the 48 million deficit.

Besides increasing taxes will just drive more people out of Toledo.

Real Estate...sell it.
Services....privatize it.
Unions...break them.
Contracts...Burn them.
Regional/County merger...do it.
Taxes...lower them.
Police/fire...hire them.
Roads......fix them.
City council...reduce.
Career politicans...really? who needs them?
Term limits....yes.
Listen to public.....both ears.
Charter mandated.....do it.
Non charter... can't hear you.
Toledo municipal code...start over.
Common sense....short supply...increase.


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