Franklin Park Riot

I feel too little is being done to prevent what occurred last Saturday night. Fighting is only one part of the problem. The other part is youths harassing customers walking in the mall. The youths will walk right into you to try to scare and make you move out of their way. They run in groups or like packs of animals terrorizing merchants and customers probably to make it easier for them to shop lift. I am a shopper should I have to put up with this conduct? Hell no, if the mall does not establish a curfew on night and weekends they are not going to see anymore of my money. I can always go to Maumee or Perrysburg and do my shopping. Its a little bit farther but a lot safer. These other stores charge no more than Westfield (Franklin Park) without all the hassle. Hopefully, Franklin Park will go the same route as Southwyck, but they have a good start.

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Saw iit with Southwyck, Saw it with Northtowne...

Chris Rock talked about it 20 years ago...

I'm a frequent shopper and cinema goer at Franklin Park. It's the closest mall/theater to me, and I prefer to shop in the indoor malls as opposed to Fallen Timbers or Levis Commons.

Anyways, as a frequent shopper myself, I have to tell you that I have never, not once, been harrassed, bothered, or otherwise offended by these youngsters. I've been there at all times of day; from weekday evenings to weekend afternoons and nights.

I'm a small female. I've never been scared at the mall. No one's ever run into me and tried to make me afraid or move out of the way. Maybe I just have good, anti-hooligan timing. Or maybe it's because I have a certain swagger that says, "If you mess with me, I will mace you."

Who knows... This perceived safety problem in Franklin Park seems way out of proportion to me.

From Mesmerix: Or maybe it's because I have a certain swagger that says, "If you mess with me, I will mace you."

Better check the Westfield Code of Conduct, which is now being enforced with zero tolerance.

In particular: 3. Possession of any item that could be used as a weapon, including but not limited to: firearms, explosives, fireworks, clubs or sticks over ¼ inch in diameter (excepting umbrellas or canes), chemical dispensing devices, knives with blades over 2 inches in length, or any other object(s) that may be used in any way to inflict bodily injury on another person.

You'd better leave your mace at home. Of course, now that we've got these new rules and zero tolerance and all, I'd guess you'd never need your mace. Would you?

Question: How many people have you actually sprayed with your mace?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

So MJ, how many times have you been maced?

I experienced harassment at Northtowne before it closed.
Maybe I am a target because of my age but it is worse at Franklin Park because their are alot more kids. You need to talk to some of the workers and you will get a ear full.
This is not perceived but real.

I had no idea that Westfield had become like the Mad Max movies inside… I’ve never had an issue, though I only to every couple of months, but it’s always on the weekend. My wife, kids and I have never experienced a single issue. The most disturbing thing I’ve seen is that old guy who dresses up like a leprechaun. He creeps me out.

So you and your family haven't had a problem at Westfield, thus everyone must have hallucinated all the fighting last Saturday. Right?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

While I do question the color of the sky in your world, no I don't think that people are hallucinating, but I think a lot of people are over reacting too. A few people on this site make it seem like walking into the mall as some post apocalyptic scifi-world where gangs rape and pillage ‘regular’ folk and merchants without regard to the laws or law enforcement.

I’m just adding my anecdotal observation that I haven’t found it all that bad or unpleasant there.

until you do have a problem at Franklin Park.

Keep going to the mall.

Might I suggest going to the movies on Saturday night? Take your kids.

Everything will be OK until that first time...

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

But I did get hit by a tumbleweed at Fallen Timbers.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

My friend owns a kiosk in the Mall and said that a few years ago the NAACP put pressure on the Mall saying that there was not enough "diversity" in the management. Succumbing to the pressure, the Mall fired the manager and put in an inexperienced person who is unwilling to take the necessary steps to prevent these disturbances.

At least the mall has the proper salt/peppa ratio - that's what counts after all...

Buy our stuff off the net, and let the goddam malls go out of business-IMO.

easily solve this problem...except nobody has the balls to do it. Anytime a teen punk or their friends come up to someone to "terrorize" them...just beat the crap out of their little punk asses.

The city, mall, and cops should allow us to stand up for ourselves.. Its like the punk bully back in school...the only true solution is to punch him in the face and knock his teeth out...and presto!....the bully runs off crying to mommy and never bothers you again.

These kids pull this crap because we let them...the same laws that prevent us from retaliating are the same laws that are letting these kids get away with it.

Sounds elementary ....but it would work.

For instance...two years ago...we had a group of teens that would stand at the same corner of our street and throw rocks and cars. One and my friends decided to purposely drive by and when they threw the rocks..we got out of the car and beat the living crap out of them...while they were crying...we told them if we ever see them doing it again we would do certain physical harm to them and their family. We also made them verbally acknowledge they were wimps and wannabe punks.

No one in our neighborhood has had a rock thrown at their car since.

But...keep doing it the liberal pansy way and "tolerate" them...and try to "reason" with them, etc. and keep getting jumped at the mall by a bunch of punk ass teens who weigh about 65 lbs while trying to act all "gangsta"

The only way to stop a bully is to bully back. Its a hard fact of life...but its true.

More rules, regulations and curfews will never solve the problem.

I am going to the mall with my two boys this weekend
and see if we can get the little angels to start something.
My two older boys will clean the floor with them.

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