So Ben decides to quit

Ben has decided to not run for another term, citing the "old boy's network" for not allowing his agenda to work. Will he actually go away, or is this an attempt at gathering sympathy to see if he would run again. I have a feeling he wouldn't have won if he were to run again. I was going to write about what I think of Ben Konop and some of his fresh "ideas", however, I think Maggie Thurber had a good discussion of this over at her Blog, Thurber's Thoughts.

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I think Marcy is taking Ben under her wing much like she had done with her nephew Wade. He will no doubt land a high paying Federal job courtesy of Ms. Kaptur then Marcy will groom him to run for her office when she retires. A new improved Ben Konop.

interesting theory, but quite possibly true. No doubt, if true, he will follow in her footsteps and show his anti freedom, anti Founding Fathers, big gummint Progressiveness. Maybe, like Marcy, he will appear on Bill Maher's show and even be interviewed by those kooks Jennie Garafolo and Rachel Maddow...we can only hope. Or appear with Marcy's good friend Michael Moore and talk about anti capitalism. Let's hope he does.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

When did Marcy take all of my freedoms away?

I never said Marcy "took all of your freedoms away" dear. I said she was anti-freedom with her progressive policies. Marcy is working hard to take away your financial freedom though by her vote to raise our debt limit to 12.3 trillion dollars.

===from Swampbubbles:
WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement today after voting against H.R. 4314, a bill that increases the limit of public debt held by the United States to $12.3 trillion.

“Instead of taking a serious stance on our nation’s staggering debt, House Democrats today made the problem worse by permitting Congress to continue its out-of-control spending habits. Families in my district and across the country live within their means, simply by balancing their checkbook- meaning they only spend what they earn.”

“Unfortunately, this Congress has used its credit card, backed by American taxpayers, to fund trillions of dollars in new spending that we simply cannot afford. President Obama continues to make this problem worse with spending proposals and programs that will double our nation’s debt by 2019. We can no longer ignore this serious problem facing our nation.”

As of today, the national debt stands at $12,138,683,154,261.27, which leaves every American citizen responsible for $39,478.04.


CBS has citation on the Kaptur vote:

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

Someone has to pay for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and a military budget that is the same as all other nations combined, plus the big tax break that Bush gave the rich and Bush's Tarp bail out...

Haha...Yep Obama=Bush. Must be tough for you to see Oblahblah sending in troops to A-stan and P-stan to fight a war. Thought BO was ending it?? But Maybe instead of arguing with each other, we should realize how "tiny" we are when really--WE are the ones voting in these people (giving them their power), paying their wages, and buying goods. (see below) off topic to Ben Konop I know. Sorry about that. 

The real clincher is what Obama said this week about those fat cat remember those "evil guys" Oblahblah loved to demonize-- again Obama=Bush:

" Last week, amid Washington's blizzards, Obama was asked about the $17 million bonus awarded to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and the $9 million bonus for Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. "I know both these guys; they are very savvy businessmen," he said. "I, like most of the American people, don't begrudge people success or wealth." So much for campaign-trail denunciations of "fat cat" bankers and bloated bonuses.

Fast forward to the present day. Lobbyists, reports the Center for Responsive Politics, had a record 2009 in Barack Obama's Washington. Despite candidate Obama's promises to shun them, they raked in $3,470,000,000. Government's pets -- or, in the president's words, "savvy businessmen" -- use government to get policies that will give them competitive advantages and stifle smaller competitors. ",_crony_capitalism_again_rules_the_day?page=full&comments=true

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

My guess? Ben's outta Toledo. The job will be in Washington. I never had the impression that Young Ben ever planned to stay here. He comes across as elitist, and acts like he knows better than those he claims to represent. I'm sure Mousy has found a nice quiet desk job in DC for Ben.

I think the bigger question becomes this.... Will Ben serve out his full term, or resign early in order for the chosen replacement to be appointed ahead of the election? My guess is that Mousy will convince him to step aside "for the good of the party" before giving him his reward job....

He's got a long career as a bureaucrat ahead of him. However, his days as an elected pol are over. No matter where he runs in the future "boo Ben Konop" and the flag flap will follow him. He's done.

"He comes across as elitist, and acts like he knows better than those he claims to represent."

That is exactly what you would expect from a "progressive". Also why Toledo is solidly one of the most impoverished cities in America, according to the local rag. "Progrssive" politician's control of local government will forever keep Toleod down.

Ben only cared about being in the spotlight. I doubt he would have won a second term.

I see a lot of similarities between Konop and Obama. I don't doubt either's sincerity but I think both are constantly chasing more power. I think both are idealists with many good ideas but neither is an effective leader to get them passed.

While I find Ben very likeable and charismatic that will always fade and if you don't get things done no one will respect you or stay on your side.

Everyone else hit the nail on the head when it comes to Ben's future so I won't repeat for brevity's sake.


Ben is a selfrighteous "Progressive" snob, in my opinion. We are all stupid, so he wants to educate us, so he proposes to have the government fund free college educations for everyone. Just another entitlement. In my opinion, he also wants to give animals human rights. Kind of like that wacko cass sustein who 0bama has working for him. Maybe 0bama will notice ben's potential and invite him to dc so he can screw the people on a national basis, as opposed to just doing it to us here, in lucas county.

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