How many people are in the Toledo Olympic blackout?

My view of the Olympics this year:

I don't live that far from NBC 24, but for some reason most of the year NBC 24 is not available over the air for me. I am not a subscriber to cable or any other TV provider and have been content with over the air and Internet, especially of lately. Hulu has made it so that it really does not bother me missing my favorite NBC shows on NBC 24, but the Olympics have made me notice how their lousy signal has the possibility of making me miss some important moments. Driving directions to NBC 24 say it is only 5.1 miles away and I am sure a digital signal does not have to travel that far given DTV signals travel in a straight line. I can't believe that NBC 24's digital signal can't travel more than 5 miles (at the most). NBC's Web site says they will be streaming some events live. I hope they will stream the good events live on their Web site and not purposely neuter the Web streaming to help the local affiliates, because in Toledo I am sure other people like me, will shudder having to watch a black screen when the marque events happen.

I understand I am not in the majority with regards to how I consume my TV, but I am sure there are more in Toledo who only get over the air programming like myself. I get every other Toledo digital channel over the air except 24. Are you in the NBC 24 Olympic blackout this year? Let me know.

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NBC's coverage. If you can, tune in CBC, their coverage is better and they cover a wider variety of sports than just the usual ratings getters.

they don't have an online video stream. They have an CBC audio stream and I can't get CBC OTA. Thanks for the suggestion.

...didn't get the contract for the Olympics this year and is not carrying them...there's a Canadian Consortium that includes Rogers Media that is broadcasting the games - not that we can get any of them here...

I much prefer Canadian coverage of the Olympics to NBC...more of the actual events and less of the talking heads talking to each other about what we're NOT seeing.

Sorry, Chris, that you're not getting the games....

unfortunate side effect of the digital TV transition or NBC 24 saving some dollars on dialing down their signal. I will report later how the NBC network does with the online live coverage.

I'd rather watch The View. The Olympics aren't really sports. In sports they put the best up against the best in the competitions people care about. That's two strikes against the Olympics.



it would be nice to watch some of the main events live. I could actually watch the view since 13abc comes in quite well. I guess I may have to become a fan of the View at the rate this is going.

I'm only a mile west of you and rarely get a signal from 24, but kept moving the antenna in my attic until I finally got one strong enough to watch the olympics. The portable upstairs with rabbit ears requires much more effort to adjust for 24 than other channels but we get a signal there too. The View would not be worth that much effort.

I thought mine was the only non-cable house left.

are more of us :)

I don't know if this helps but it shows signal strength of DTV over the air... and a lot of the problem was caused by the government not knowing and understanding the digital signal, thus not allowing enough power for the stations... I'm sorry that you're missing the Olympics... hope this helps

that the NBC 24 antenna is actually east of Oregon, near Reno Beach although it is very close to the WTOL transmitter. I normally don't have a problem getting WTOL signal although 1 time out of 20 there will be a problem compared to 16/17 times out of 20 for a NBC 24 reception issue. I also have a specific HD TV antenna although it is not in the attic but in the living room. Too bad the government is just messing things up again. Thanks for the info.

I did notice there is a free iPhone app from NBC for the Olympics. Might be worth checking out.

with adjusting , 24 comes in

Is it just me, or is the Canadian station, CBC, not covering the Olympics this year? I prefer their coverage to NBC's, but I tuned in on cable last night and there was no Olympics on CBC.


Sadly, CBC did not win the rights... I believe CTV beat them out, thus we're not able to view the Canadian coverage of the Olympics here in the Toledo area

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