I am a lot of things, but bad mom was never one of them., I'll try not to write a book- use only facts and truths I can provide evidence of and ask readers a few questions at the end!
I left a very abusive relationship about two years ago-im talking its shocking im still alive. I have restraining orders on this man and do all i can to keep things civil and at a distance. the juice of the story is i had a baby in may 2009 at which time a LCCS investigator came do to the past domestic violence-ok whatever but we got to talking and tells me if i open a case for family services my son could have protected daycare with my mom being the provider-I WAS FINE WITH THIS so a case was open. June was easy met the caseworker who was gonna get me all the info i neede for my son to be under my moms care for me to work and she made a case plan- and on it was i had to keep up with my sons appointments, get a job, have stable housing, but it also had some real personal information-like the psycho ex husband is not the babies father and he didnt know there was a baby(that would set him off) to be brief from here im just gonna lay it down. Somehow some way they sent him copies of all of this!

Yes they sent my known abuser my case plan- everything and he started flipping out! They ruined my life so i talked to my lawyer who said dont sign anything so i wouldnt sign releases but still let her sit in my home with help me grow and a nurse all who had great things to say about my son and how he interacted to me-well i left with my mom and brother and my baby to tenneessee and i get a call from my grandma that LCCS dropped off a paper for a hearing in 3 mornings so we came back early- Im still clueless as to what this hearing could be about- the way i saw it i opened the case- you make me fearful so know i want it closed:RIGHT? So wrong the hell began they were threatening me and telling me i was gonna lose my son the next day- yea because we had court the following morning and let me tell you its like i didnt have a chance-in comes the case worker then case supervisor then some CASA(who never met me) and their lawyer and all they did is lie and talk crap-crap they didnt know and i had been 100% honest with these people and i got to say nothing that day the only thing that stopped them from taking my son is CASA hadnt visited us and although they lied ALOT my case worker did say for the court to have supervision makes most sense! What-- I left there with a piece of paper to go pee in a cup, and i had to have mental health exam and drugs and alcohol exam- in the midst of this i wrote marcy kaptur who spoke to dean sparks herself= which made it more of a witch hunt, me being the witch! They needed to get something on me and they harassed me telling me my appoinment was at 3 but forgetting to tell me to be there thirty minutes sooner.meanwhile CASA shows up- without calling or anything and im aware 99% of the time CASA and CSB go hand in hand but my CASA knew from the start i told her come anytime dont call and she did even late a few times because her son played soccer very close! She was awesome and told me to write everything down- in the mean time i get another emergency court hearing because stuff they said i wasnt doing but i was. They were harassjng me either by putting pressure on me to see if id crack or by having busy all day everyday! Court hearing number 2 went a little different- I did get to meet their lawyer-who was actually on my side alot and i think he thought what are we doing, this time the case worker got on the stand- and lied which we proved and right behind her supervisor lied because she went off case workers notes but they didnt call CASA to testify but we sure did and CSB actually lost that hearing but we still had mediation and a hearing to go. In the meantime they tried to make me put my son in protective child care with some lady i didnt know or pick but did meet and realized they hadnt told her my son was on meds and hard to take care of- especially considering she was prego with 3 kids under3 in the household already and they kept having me do these assesments and all came out clear i didnt need classes or help-and definitely not my son taken- I have never been so hurt and embaraced=theres so much more i guess im seeing if anyone knows if i can file suit? o BTW I WON THEY LOST

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you were victorious. LCCS needs to be sued by so many people for so many atrocities against families.

sharing what happened.

What is protected daycare?

(I see that you allowed them to open a case, because they were going to allow protected daycare with your mom as the provider. I just don't know what protected daycare is and what makes it different from regular daycare.)

LCCS will respond to your concerns if the original writer will contact the Ombudsman office at 419-213-3200.

I bet the LCCS Ombudsman is just as honest and unbiased as the one on the blade payroll. hahahah!

you are right, Again! You can add the TPS ombudsman to the list!

I read your ...ahem.... collection of thoughts. I wouldn't classify it as a thread because you have very little of substance in there.

(Sarcasm alert) I am totally shocked that you had such an issue with LCCS because by your post you are obviously a person who makes good judgments. (end scarcasm)

I get Marines like you all the time. The world revolves around you and you're always getting "screwed" yet you have a pattern of irresponsible behavior. So none of this could ever possibly be your fault.

Let this be a lesson to everyone else. NEVER EVER EVER! LET THE GOVERNMENT into your personal life. It will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the ass even if you're getting a temporary perk of "protected daycare", which I have no clue what that is since all daycare centers have to have security regulations per law.


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