In an unprecedented move, Governor Terry Shankland stepped into the fray and settled the dispute in Lucas County concerning Chairmanship of the Lucas County Republican Party.

Neither Jon Stainbrook or Jeff Simpson was appointed. In his search for the best and the brightest in Lucas County, Governor Shankland appointed CHRIS MYERS as head of the local Republican Party.

Acknowledgeing Myers' dismal political failures in his previous attempts to become elected to Toledo School Board, Governor Shankland laughed, and said " It's nowhere but up for that boy, y'all heah me ?"

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Hey Chris! Good job, old son. I always knew you had it in you.

You know Chris, normally I wouldn't mention this, but times are a little hard right now - so I was wondering if you had anything in the I.T. department for your old buddy Jack. It doesn't have to be anything big or have a high priority, just a little something I could get into until things pick up around Toledo.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Apparantly anyone can sign for the party treasurer in that hootennanny over there.

I can't find another link supporting this. So it's either fascious or very breaking news.

If it is true I will be in Toledo next week and would love to give my first check to the LCRP in 4 years directly to Chris personally.


Actually as I look through this site it has become greatly apparent that MD"s credibility is very suspect.

Is Gary posting again?



for some reason loves to create multiple accounts to protray multiple people to harras users here on the site. But the more this person does this the more evidence I am accumulating as I was advised to do.

The liberals are losing more and more everyday: Democrat politicians NOT running for reelection (bye bye Camelot), obamacare, cap and tax, the climate debate..many more. Not to mention the ratings of the MSM. Cornered animals become vicious because they know they are fading into obscurity and worse. Smear tactics evidenced by hateful, lying posts, even violence in some cases are proof they're losing their grip not only on reality but control of events. Libs are the intolerant, not conservatives. Libs also resort to 'name calling' because they have nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing to back up their arguments. The Liberals in this country are crashing and burning and its out there for all to see. md is a perfect example.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin


I'd go along with everything but your last line.

MD's just an ignorant loser. His post is personal, not political - he just wants to bash Chris.

Kind of a sad old man, actually.


is not personal, but there is a behavior which is quite disturbing, which I shall talk about in good time. For a user to get a bad treatment from me, that means that they crossed boundaries which a normal person would not cross. The post was not bad which is why I left it up, but when a user constantly goes against warning to not post here again, that is not funny at all, in addition to everything else.

I mean, seriously, anyone who has titled themselves "muff diver" puts a red flag up! I did get a good laugh...from their name . Chris you may need to tighten things up a little!

maybe sandy is Gary, :)

I will say this, I am NOT a muff diver! LMAO

ummm Gary has posted under two screen names on this thread.

he also has two signed up and waiting in the wings for these two to be removed.

and thanks for ruining what perhaps is the most awesome visual on this site, sandy...

[edit: seeing I was banned on this site several months ago because of "DWI Man", and a few juvenile emails from the webmaster, I've avoided this place. Because recently when the stain broke back in the news, I figured I could come here for the laugh. I try my screen name and find that it works, post something under the fire marshal thread and it disappears...that's nice. I'm going to enjoy watching Chris chase this numbskull around his site]

I read like one line and thought the same thing - When did Gary the serial drunk get out of prison?

Well Gary was the first to come to mind. However I wouldn't say the Stain is above this as well. He's obviously not getting his way in court and kicking and screaming is the stain way.


As soon as I saw the poster's "name", I was skeptical. When I read the name of the "governor", it was clearly a posting that intended to be some kind of joke. In actuality, the local Republican Party might find Chris to be a good leader. Chris knows that I disagree with him on many issues, but I respect the job he does running this site. In addition, IMHO Chris truly believes in the principles he espouses, and speaks for a large percentage of Republican voters.

Addressing a different issue raised by this post, while I use my actual name, I find many pseudonyms amusing and/or interesting. I also understand that there is such a thing as freedom of speech. But there are also limits to freedom of speech. As the husband of a woman, the father of a woman, and the grandfather of a girl, I find the MD moniker to be offensive. I do think that this pushes past the limit and should be somehow censored. See, Chris, I'm really quite conservative on some issues!!

"Muffdiver" also posts comments on Toledotalk.

GOP 'Operative'. He peeks his freaky head up every so often, so who the heck knows what barstool he crawled off of to actually post... IMHO...

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