Is Jon busy or is he trying to avoid the Fire Marshal?

Back in December, when the Fire Marshal was called to the Lucas County Republican Party headquarters, they actually filled out a fire inspection report and there were building violations which had to be fixed. On the report, the follow-up inspection date was written down, but in a recent informal conversation with the Toledo Fire Inspectors, the building was locked up on the day they were supposed to do a follow-up inspection and attempts to contact Jon have been unsuccessful. So why was no one there on 1/28 and why has Jon not re-scheduled a follow-up inspection? Who knows. But you would think he would want to not have this hanging around. It is probably not a good idea to avoid a follow-up report. The report is attached below.

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I'm sure that 'waste accumulation on 2nd floor' violation is probably legit...

if you're going to redact the inspector's last name on the signature of the inspection report, you may want to get the name on all the report, as in above the complaint box.

If you're protecting the "signature", Cook shouldn't be too difficult to copy once you get the "Jeffrey L" down...

Is when is the state party going to rule in favor of Simpson. We all know it's coming. It was supposed to be sent to them for a decision after the BOE verified the two central committee's. From what I understand even an injunction couldn't keep it out this long.


The Toledo Department of Fire and Rescue Fire Prevention Bureau has decided to wait to re-inspect violations of fire codes at the Lucas County Republican Party headquarters.

Should they have to wait? No.

I'll be having many sleepless nights until they settle this thing...

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