Tom Waniewski's February 2010 Newsletter

New Bulk Pick Up Rules
Beginning Monday, Feb. 8th, you will need to call 48 business hours in advance of your regular refuse pick up if you have oversized or overloaded refuse. In other words, if it doesn't fit in the automated container, please call 419-936-2511 and call 48 business hours prior to your scheduled pick up.

New School in Old Foodtown?
There is renewed interest in the old Foodtown building in the DeVeaux Village Shopping Center. Horizons Academy is seeking a special use permit (SUP) to hold classes. There will be a public meeting about the SUP request before the Plan Commission on February 11th at 2 p.m. in Toledo City Council Chambers. I looked at some preliminary plans from a commercial realtor almost a year ago.

DeVeaux Redux
I've asked our building inspectors to look into the Super Fitness trailer in DeVeaux. That trailer is licensed only to be used for construction purposes. But, because of financial misfortunes that have fallen on the owners of the shopping center, the construction trailer is now a sales trailer. Our chief building inspector conveyed the following information to me after speaking with the manager of Fitness 19 almost three weeks ago: "He is cleaning up the construction site and repairing the fence as we speak. He will also have the port-o-potty removed until construction recommences. He is also trying to locate a temporary pre-fabricated ADA ramp which was shown on the approved construction drawings. Once the ramp has been delivered he will contact us for a final inspection of the trailer. At that time we will issue a time-limited certificate of occupancy for 6 months which should allow adequate time for the construction of the fitness center to be completed."

As of Sunday, Feb. 7th, the fence is not repaired and the portopot is still there. I regret we have not had the cooperation from Fitness 19 as I had hoped.

Kroger's New Fuel Station
The Kroger store on Monroe east of Secor has always been strapped for land. The company has been looking to build a fuel center. Kroger has decided to locate on the northwest corner of that intersection where the old BP gas station is now vacant. The matter will be discussed at city council's zoning and planning committee Feb. 17th at 4 p.m.


More Flood Money
Council recently appropriated another $300,000 for flood remediation. The grant program will help residents install check valves in their sewer pipes to avoid or delay messy back ups in residents' basements. To date, 650 grants have been awareded totaling $1 million. Funds will be directed to areas of greatest need. You can learn more by clicking here.

Wire Frames for Free
I recently received an inquiry from a constituent asking if I had any wire frames left over from my council campaign two years ago. Since I pride myself on efficiency, I had only enough signs and wire frames that were all used. However, coincidentally, I received a call from Kevin Milliken who had some left over from his campaign, so I said I would take them. I now have a garage full of wire frames. If you would like some, drop me a line, and I'll drop some off. Use them for garage sales, block watch meeting notices, or to prop up your tomato plants this summer. First come, first served. Maximum 10 per household.

TARP Money
One of the many things I like about the Internet is that you can read a variety of articles from a variety of sources. When viewing "trusted" sources, there's a lot of information out there. From time to time, I will share the information I come across as it relates to policy and especially when it pertains to our tax dollars.

I thought you might find this article from USA Today interesting. It shows where federal monies from the Troubled Asset Relief Program have been spent.

Blog Reminder
If you are reading this newsletter from one of the great blogs around northwest Ohio, and some of the links are not linking, please drop me an email and I will forward the newsletter in total to you. That way the links and pictures are in tact. You can email me at tom.waniewski at

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