How things stand today

Mayor Bell wants to increase taxes. TPS wants more taxes. Ohio wants to raise taxes.
You can't park downtown without getting a parking ticket. I don't know what the attraction is
going downtown anyway. I can't fit in the seats in the Lucas County Arena. You better pay your red light tickets, though I don't know what Toledo will do when they will have to refund everyones money after the Supreme Court rules on the cameras. Did I miss anything?

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You can park downtown without getting a just have to follow the rules and throw a quarter in the meter.

What happens when one doesn't pay a red light ticket?

Nothing as far as I know.

I believe a law firm is trying to collect the cash, but they have no bite. Can't do anything to you legally or to your credit.

Just read Maggie Thurber's blog and I stand corrected.

She has a good post on it at

This is getting ridiculous

My wife got a red light ticket and we haven't paid it yet. We live in Maumee so I don't fear the "we'll impound your car" threats.

Big Jim

LC Sports Arena. The seat are a little snug. A really big guy sat next to me and I am a pretty big female and while the seats were pretty snug, they weren't all that bad. So, TT, if you can't fit into the seats, it is time to go on a diet, because you are waaayyyy too big.
TT: Do you live in Toledo or even Ohio?

Oh and I also parked for free at a meter.

I think that TT lives in Temperance MI. He seems to be one of those folks...correct me if I'm wrong TT...who thinks that he can live in the suburbs or exurbs and get along just fine if Toledo rots away. I live in Sylvania, but I realize that this area cannot thrive without at least a reasonably well functioning central city. TT may be afraid to go to downtown Toledo, Twila. After all, I remember walking alone at night to my car about 1:00 AM, 6 years ago in downtown and...NOTHING HAPPENED AND I DROVE HOME SAFELY!!

Of course, that type of thing never makes headlines because it happens all of the time, and things that happen all of the time are NOT NEWS!!

But, of course, when two idiots get drunk, get into an argument, and one shoots the other...BANNER HEADLINES!! may be safer in downtown Toledo than in that wild burb of Lambertville, where, unlike Temperance, they allow bars to operate!

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