TPS is considering a 6.99 mil levy (they wanted 7 but thought they can fool you into thinking it is less). Will you vote for it?

16% (40 votes)
84% (207 votes)
Total votes: 247
No votes yet

Is $214.07. Get ready to cough it up Toledo.
2.50% on $100 income is $2.50 for each $100 of income.
So if you make $600/week that is $15 in local income tax.
Cough up again.

10 minutes ago there were 3 votes against, 0 for.

Now 115-1????


Maybe Chris can check the IP logs and reset the poll counter to compensate for the TPS-shill factor. Who the f**k has time to sit around and take the poll over and over like that?

Or for that matter, the willingness to sit there and take that poll so many times? If I had that much extra time I would read a good book or roll a wino or something.

welcome to Toledo, Thomas.

Not one more DIME until test scores go up. This situation gets worse and worse and worse, and the solution is more and more and more money? Bullshit. They're doing something wrong-any idiot can figure that out. This isn't, and hasn't, been about not enough money, for many years now. They want more cash-get it from the goddamn teachers' union.

vote for it but history shows Toledo will vote for it.

No I will not vote for it.

We [the taxpayer] need to have a meeting in the woodshed out back. Some body, please figure out and tell me why are they in the hole,?
I'm sorry I have to be retrained every time we get on this subject. Theres just too much bureaucracy, thats how they are able to misuse funds. Its the same way with the city gov't., & office holders,

I agree, with youmissdeejay. We need to get real. School districts, local and state governments need to get real.

Same way with the obama administration. Cut costs, lay off all those people bama hired to gouge the taxpayer. There is too much federal bureaucracy. The government is killing us.

I agree with this too missdeejay, "We [the taxpayer] need to have a meeting in the woodshed out back."

We need to take obama out to the woodshed, and have a talk with him. Because, he just doesn't get it. :)

I am glad that you agree about taking the TPS Admin.and School Board to the woodshed.

Let's stick to this issue and not muck it all up talking about POTUS, thats a whole different basket of shiggady, and there are plenty of posts on that subject. We need to , get TOLEDO [city govt. &public schools] cleaned up, that is right here in our own backyard and affects all citizens. What are we going to do about this.TPS?
What say you?

I was getting the impression from discussions and document reviews before the special board meeting that an income tax was preferable. After the meeting yesterday and watching the interaction and listening to what was said, I believe the Board and administration are leaning towards a .75% income tax.

The income tax would be levied on just residents of the Toledo Public Schools who have wage, tip or small business pass through income. It would not be collected for those who work in the TPS district but do not live in the district - it is therefore different in who is included compared to the city income tax.

Think about the impact both short and long term of such a tax? With any decision, there are always unintended consequences. In this case a short term revenue fix will likely lead to fewer TPS students over the longer term. The spiral just keeps tightening.

So what are the benefits of a property tax vs. an income tax? And who wins and who loses under each scenario? Why would the district favor an income tax over a property tax? Is it a political move - which is more likely to pass? Is the decision based upon sound fiscal principles? ........

Let's hear some thoughts.

Why is it that homeowners get stuck with the bill, but if you have kids and don't own a home you get not only a free ride, but a vote?

If only home owners are going to be taxed for something, then only home owners should be able to vote on it.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Do you own your home outright or do you have a mortgage from the bank? If so, should the bank get a vote and not you?

What an absolutely strange, reply. Unless things have changed the person buying the house is responsible for paying the taxes. It seems off track to even ask if the mortgage holder should vote with the individual property owner. Sensor, who is the bank? Where do they live? Does The Bank have kids in school? Get a tighter grip on reality. It seems that a large number of people who have students in the public school systems are renters. Nothing wrong with that but it does beg the question of whether or not they should contribute to the costs associated with their children's education. Conversely, would such a system "tax" people who do not have students in the sytem? Of course under either system, and the one presently used, people are going to be paying even if they do not have students in the system. What about people using ed choice, charter schools, or parochial schools? Obviously this is a complex issue with many divergent points of view.

I was playing the Devil’s Advocate.

Personally I have no interest in limiting people’s ability to vote. Renters still have a vested interest in whether taxes go up, because ultimately they’re going to have to pay for it. I don’t know a lot of landlords who lose money month after month.


They can't even keep their own employees under control. Burns reportedly blew away over 600 grand to investigate people. But Toledo voters remain stuck on stupid and will give the TPS all the money it wants. You can take that to the bank.


city but live in another city, you won't have to pay this tax. Therefore at least 85 % of TPS teachers won't have to pay this tax that will supply them with salary increases. Is that what is being said?
Hell no!

Instead of worrying about renters and people who don't have children in the system being "allowed " to vote for or against the levy, think about the people who work in the district, don't live in the district but will benefit with a yes vote.

I think that is a legitimate question. The bottom line is if you live in Toledo you have a vote on this issue. Whether you own your home, the bank owns it, or you rent two rooms, you have a vote.

I own my own home (no mortgage finally) have two children of school age, four grandchildren of school age, cousin's children and grandchildren of school age, friends with children and none of them attend a TPS school so why should I have to pay a tax when I have never benefitted from having a child or grandchild in a TPS school. I'll tell you why because I live in Toledo and other people vote the levies in.

It has always seemed strange that only property owners have to pay for public education. A very hig percentage of people with students in the educational system are not property owners, some do vote and do have many students in the sytem.
This is true in urban systems all over the country. Unfortunately, or not, you get what you pay for, and educational systems are no different. Therefore it seems simply logical that all participants should share in the costs associated with their participation. Good schools cost money! Good schools require active involvement of the community, positive involvement. I would submit that good school systems require an active populance that actually votes. (Look at the dismal voter turnout in T town!) With all of the controversy going on around the public school system I would be astounded if any money initiative at all passes.

pay for schools because the money comes from a property tax. If you own property you pay the tax. So whether or not you have children in the system if you own property you help pay for schools in Toledo. Just like Monoply if you own property you pay a tax. What the tax goes for is not known but you pay it anyway.
Allin where is the statistic that says "A very hig percentage of people with students in the educational system are not property owners?"
I have owned my home (with the help of the bank/mortgage) since 1979. I have raised/am raising 6 children in this home and my children have had what would amount to maybe 4 years of public education. The other 26 years my children were either in charter, home school or Catholic schools. Still I paid the tax as a property owner as do most of my friends using the same situation-children not in public school, but owning property and helping to pay for public schools.

The chant that people vote for school levies in Toledo who don't own property is ludicrous. If you don't want to pay for children to go to public schools move to a city that does not tax property owners for school monies.

Check out the statistic's ward by ward and see who passes these levies.

if TPS puts a levy on the may ballot I along with all my family and friends will do all that we can via text, tweet, email, facebook, myspace, blogs and more to block it and not support it at all.

they use money for investigations that are not needed, they fire people that should not be fired and keep people that should be fired, they have sexual predators (3 in one building in 3 years), and people stealing over a half millioan dollars and they want us to pass a levy???? wtf are they thinking?

this is from the blade:
According to records, Mr. Foley's signature appeared on a 2006 check paying for the investigations of the district critics. The superintendent says that check was "signed with an automated procedure" while he was on vacation. That suggests the practice of automated signatures needs a thorough review.

foly is not an honest person and should be fired!!!!!! he already lied about not knowing of complaints on steven riddle long before the sexting issue.