Politics over qualifications: Peter Ujvagi now county administrator

The county commissioners should have voted for a professional administrator, not a professional politician.

The Lucas County Commissioners on Tuesday morning voted 3-0 to hire current state Rep. Peter Ujvagi (D., Toledo) to be the county's next administrator.


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That was the first thing I thought, Chris. Has Peter Ujvagi ever managed anything besides campaigns and his tool-and-die shop? Certainly his resume lacks evidence of comparable experience in a role with thousands of employees and dozens of departments.

So now what happens to his House seat? Will a special election be held, remain empty till election time, or will some hand picked liberal cronnie be selected to fill it without voter input totaly disenfranchising them? Remembers it's not Ujvagi's seat, it's the peoples seat.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

You would think that this person would be against the cronyism in light of his family’s escape from behind the iron curtain. Instead, he borrows from his socialist/Marxist past, to enrich himself, in my opinion.

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