Former Athens County Democrat chair Susan Gwinn threatens blogger with suit

You would think that in a college area you would have a higher number of smart people, but the former Democrat chair of Athens apparently has taken a page out of the Jon Stainbrook book of politics, which is to threaten lawsuits against those who you don't like in an attempt to bully them. While leaders such as Larry Sykes, Carty Finkbeiner and Jon Stainbrook love to try to bully people into submission, things can only go so far. It is quite clear that Ms. Gwinn contains the same lack of control as that group because she is threatening to sue a student Blogger in Athens, Ohio for saying she has been-please sit down for this- "mucking up the Athens County government and spreading the corruption around for a long time." While such an accusation in Lucas County gets a response of "What is new?", apparently Ms. Gwinn takes it personally. The problem is Ms. Gwinn has no case and any smart person knows this, but Ms. Gwinn obviously does not know this and therefore is not that smart. Given she is a public person in the political world, she really has no case, especially for such a broad accusation. Political public people have an extremely high defamation case to prove, much higher than a private citizen and is an unwinnable case for her. Nate you have my support. People like her need to be told to go pound sand in her ears. Good luck!

According to The Post, former Athens County Democratic Party chairwoman Susan Gwinn has threatened an Ohio University student with the possibility of a libel lawsuit. Her beef? A letter to the editor published in the Athens NEWS on Jan. 18, in which that student wrote the following:

Certainly the cleanup has begun with Gwinn, but Susan Gwinn has been mucking up the Athens County government and spreading the corruption around for a long time.

In her letter demanding a notarized correction, Gwinn declares that the above statement is “untrue and libelous.” For those who are not familiar with the back story, Gwinn was recently convicted of two misdemeanor charges related to falsifying campaign finance reports in her failed 2008 bid for Athens County prosecutor. Gwinn subsequently resigned as chairwoman of the Athens County Democratic Party, but is now seeking reelection to the county party’s central committee.

Here is a copy of the oh so scandalous letter:

To the Editor:

Good riddance. What else can be said about Susan Gwinn's resignation (The NEWS, Jan. 14)?

Yet this moment should not pass without noting that Gwinn's resignation should only be the beginning of cleaning up the corruption in Athens County. What of the many Athens County Democrats who refused, even to the very day of Gwinn's resignation, to publicly call for her to step down? Voters narrowly rejected an opportunity to replace one such Gwinn loyalist in the Athens City Council race last year, which pitted Republican Randy Morris against incumbent Democrat Christine Fahl in the Fourth Ward. Fahl refused to call for Gwinn's resignation, going so far as to say that her campaign needed Gwinn to stay on the job. Yet even after Fahl defeated Morris under the shadow of the alleged "Cash for Votes" brouhaha, Fahl still would not call for Gwinn's resignation. Why should voters return Christine Fahl and her fellow Gwinn loyalists to their positions in the Athens County government in future elections?

Certainly the cleanup has begun with Gwinn, but Susan Gwinn has been mucking up the Athens County government and spreading the corruption around for a long time. She may have been the first Athens County Democrat to go down in the flames of scandal, but does anyone really believe she will be the last? Many of her fellow Democrats stood by her from indictment to conviction and beyond. Every single Athens County voter should use his head and make Gwinn's Democrats stand by her in search of a new job.

This gets even better, Gwinn says:

However, as you may understand, I need to stop what appears to be a concerted effort to destroy my reputation."


If Ms. Gwinn is worried about the person destroying her reputation, she should sue herself. From yesterday:

A judge has postponed Susan Gwinn’s sentencing on two falsification convictions to allow the prosecution time to respond to the former Athens County Democratic chairwoman’s request to have the convictions overturned.

She clearly is not right, in more ways than one.

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A democrat against free speech?

It's a theme these days....

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

If this Gwinn was convicted, I wouldn't think she'd have much standing in claiming libel.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Actually, I think it is the "progressives" that hate free speech. A "progressive" will viciously attack anyone that doesn't agree with them. Of course though, most "progressives" are in the democrat party.

I'm a liberal progressive and I don't hate free speech. If you want to see "vicious attacks" see the wings nuts (including you) attack History Mike and anyone progressive or conservative who defends him.

The problems with conservatives (one of many) is that they think when someone calls them on their lies, hypocrisy or hate speech they think people are against free speech.

You have every right to say dumb, ignorance and even lies, but don't think for a moment that you can make me give up my right to free speech to call you on your BS.

Now that is a vicious progressive attack. :)

I have never attacked History mike. I think the BS is all in your court, as usual, sensor.

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