Perfect example of the insider and the outsider school debate, the Detroit Public Schools

This interview happened last month and caused a controversy when Shepard Smith said he would burn down the Detroit Public Schools if he was a parent there. Watch the whole segment and you will see where Shepard Smith's outrage is justified, yet this situation occurs here in Toledo. There are still some schools which are failures and continue to be so, yet we have administration and board members who never want to hold these schools accountable. And you know TPS does not want to do anything about problems, the Dan Burns situation indicates they have no clue problems exists and contrary to board members and administration officials wanting to put this behind their back saying things are fixed, they are not and won't be without creating a new proactive system to identify and deal with problems as they come up whether it is academic performance or employees stealing money. Urban schools suffer from a serious case of accountability. If TPS wanted to prove they are going to be proactive in dealing with problems, quickly addressing problem schools is a great place to start because at least they are well documented and known. Our community cannot wait one week more for schools to continually fail.

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There are MORE failing charter schools, even though there are less total charter schools in Toledo than there are traditional public schools. Why shouldn't these failing charter schools be closed?

Chris...don't you care about the students attending the failing charter schools?

is charter schools have half the money of public schools and two you can choose to go to which ever one you want. You can choose to not go to a miserable school, but if you live in certain parts and the only options are miserable failures of the public schools, choice is really all you have.

failing, but at least they listen to and respect parents, while offering humane treatment of children.

HB 79 passed in 2006 provides that charter schools can be closed if the state rates them in academic emergency three years in a row and, for two of those three years, students perform below expectations on a new measure called ''value-added.''

I am aware of no current statutes that provide for public schools to be closed if they do not meet certain criteria such as in HB 79. Charter schools have the ultimate accountability: a death sentence if failing academically.

Any school that fails to meet standards should be closed. But as pointed out, parents can choose with charters and ultimately vote with their dollars. Perhaps its time for every parent to get a voucher and public schools compete for these dollars along with charter schools. Maybe then public schools will understand that ultimately they can fail if they will not improve. It also eliminates a virtual educational monopoly that I do not believe serves parents and their children.

Standards of performance should exist for all schools accepting public money and all schools should be closed if these standards of performance are not met.

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