Mayor’s CSI To Meet On Budget

The Citizen’s Special Investigation (CSI) of the City of Toledo budget will begin on Monday, January 25 at 4:30 p.m. in the Large Conference Room on the 22nd Floor of Government Center. The media is invited to attend the meeting.

The CSI team was recruited by the Mayor after his election in November to review current financial figures for the city, examine potential long-term cost savings and efficiencies, and propose areas of the budget where the city might realize immediate cost reductions. A roster of team members is attached.

The team has been sent financial information including the 2010 Revenues and Expenditures; an Income Tax Forecast produced in December 2009; estimates of pension pickup and health care savings; the responses to questions asked by union leaders at their recent meeting with the Mayor, and a copy of the Mayor’s proposed budget reductions. The same documents have previously been provided to members of City Council, leaders of the city’s collective bargaining units and members of the local media. Copies of the files are available electronically upon request and hard copies will be provided at the meeting.

The City of Toledo is currently facing an estimated $44 million deficit for 2010 which includes a $9 million carry-over deficit from 2009. The Mayor has proposed a series of budget reductions to open a dialogue with Council and the Unions in an effort to eliminate the deficit and maintain local control of the City’s financial direction.

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