Bell should go after Carty for the $450,000 he cost the city

If Toledo is in such dire straights why don't Mayor Bell go after Carty for the the money
he cost the city to settle the lawsuits? Bell is putting everything else on the table including
raising taxes. Carty had a lot to do with creating this budget mess in the first place.

Also, there is still some fat that can be cut, namely Board of community relations. This is just a racist department that no longer belongs in this city or in our society.

I see the unions won't budge on giving any more concessions so I doubt the voters will be willing to pay more taxes. The best thing that can happen is f the state takes the city over and Toledo can start fresh and become a great American city as it once was.

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Cant happen - the mayor was acting as a government official when he pulled this stunt, and the government he was representing (and the taxpayers who fund it) will be forced to pay for his actions. That's the way it works.

The sheeple of toledo were too lazy to do their home work and elected this and many other unqualified people to represent them without taking the time to check them out, and this is just one example of the chickens coming home to roost. That's what happens when you dont think, and just vote way you're told to, or vote blindly for a particular party simply 'because that's the way my dad always voted'...

If Mike Bell was a good choice remains to be seen, but no matter what Bell does or doesnt do, the effects of things Carty and others put into place during their tenure will be felt for a long time to come - other examples are the bleeding that's still going on at the ESM and the different apartment/hotels that he thought needed tax payer propping up, that fell flat on their faces.

in the face of an out of control mayor . The rest of us get to donate to the two grievants that Carty slammed

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